“Guest blogging is done.” This message was issued by Matt Cutts, former head of web spam at Google, claiming that guest blogging is considered a “spammy practice”, which immediately puts your SEO in jeopardy and undermines your brand image as a serious company presenting itself on the Internet. However, guest blogging is still among the most necessary and effective strategies in marketing for 2018.

19 July 2018

Many bloggers think that creating content isn’t their biggest challenge, but their biggest struggle is driving a steady stream of quality traffic to their site. They consider nothing is more frustrating than spending hours creating exceptional blog pieces, only to find that nobody reads them.

12 July 2018

Now, wouldn’t it be fun to sit back and look over an iPhone woman dating an Android man? I bet they’d have the worst time possible together, bumping into the unknown. But it’d be something entertaining for us, right? A cosmic battle between the two: they’re not just consumers who choose one brand over the other, they are completely different people who have almost nothing in common and have no similar personal characteristics.

09 July 2018

What about a perfect combination of a fancy restaurant in downtown with a top-notch website on the online platform? No matter what restaurant you represent: a coffee shop, a fast food spot, a family style cozy place or an expensive fine dining restaurant - you surely need a website to stand out.

04 July 2018

It is high time to get on board of the mobile marketing train, cause it’s 2018 outside. Many small businesses and large companies, that may seem similar, tend to optimize digital marketing efforts to reach people through smart devices. Anyway, it is difficult to ignore this new trend without being left behind. The question is: how do you get started? More importantly, how can you start without making costly mistakes?

29 June 2018

Does it happen to you to navigate to a website and move on without taking the action you were supposed to take? Well, not a pleasant moment for the marketer dealing with that site, let’s admit. Any marketer worries about the bounce rate as it is of vital importance if you rely on inbound traffic for sales or leads. How about remarketing and launch an appropriate campaign that succeeds? 

27 June 2018

If you’re a social media marketer, you know the feeling of launching a social campaign with a certain audience in mind, only to end up behind a tree, in a bunker, or at the bottom of a pond. If you’re a marketer, you need to know that your job is about to get harder as Facebook has just changed how it ranks business posts on the user’s news feed. It’s time to kick your marketing skills into high gear!

25 June 2018

When a brand has a different profile picture on Facebook and Instagram, different “about us” sections, different messages and tone of voices, we usually turn to other brands because they start to sound unreliable as we’re not sure what to expect. The end goal for every brand is to build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with their customers. And that is exactly what brand consistency means for your brand.

20 June 2018

Besides delivering valuable content on various subjects, Ucraft is primarily a drag and drop website builder. Our goal is to bring you an easy-to-use solution that will enable you to create beautiful websites, regardless of your previous experience.