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Creating new website from scratch can be beautiful experience. It's like having a blank canvas in front of you where you can play with design and colors to create your website masterpiece.
06 October 2016
So if you are on your way to creating something amazing on our app or just came across our awesome templates on the Net and decided to check them out, the following information can be pretty engaging for you.
04 October 2016
If you’ve just launched your business website or you are planning to do so, this list is essential for you, and it’ll save you a substantial amount of time spent searching for places that are right for your business.
23 September 2016
We are proud to announce that on September 22nd, ucraft will participate in this year’s TechDay start-up expo in Los Angeles. Gev Balyan, the founder of ucraft, will be there on the spot to present our awesome website builder to the Los Angeles start-up community.
20 September 2016
Search engine optimization will always be fundamental for any website’s success, and there’s no argument about it. So, we made this compilation of tips, tricks and simple hacks that actually help real people to achieve better search engine rankings.
30 August 2016
Communicating with customers is essential for any business. If you care about the audience interested in your products and services, you should have an engaging “Contact Us” page on your website. Continue reading to get the top tips and examples on how to create a killer contact us page and convert your visitors on the go!
13 August 2016

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