As a freelancer, one of your most critical assets is your portfolio. While working face-to-face with people allows you to make a first impression with your look, voice, expression, and more, working remotely in the digital landscape limits your touchpoints with new clients, and makes the ones you do have especially essential.

15 November 2017

2018 is just around the corner. Are you prepared? If you work as a digital freelancer, you should always keep an eye on the most recent digital marketing trends as they may influence your business greatly. Here are the digital marketing trends I recommend paying attention to as 2018 rolls around.

07 November 2017

When I started my first professional blog, I was in the same place as many of you: knowing a blog was important for my business, but not completely understanding how or why. I was a good writer and pretty well-informed about the industry I was in, but still a little confused over how to use those skills to get my message out to my would-be customers. I'd love to share my experience with you to help you.

31 October 2017

Finding a professional website builder tool will help you go down the second road safe and sound. Luckily, there are builders like Ucraft out there that don't require technical skills. And since you won’t need technical skills, you’ll be ready to present your art to the world in under an hour. Hear and now, I'm going to tell you about 7 things you didn't know about online art portfolios and suggest ways to enhance your website for good.

25 October 2017

If you run a small business, developing a convincing website is one of the most critical things you can do. Today, online companies only have about 7-8 seconds to make a good first impression on their users. If that first impression isn’t one of confidence and reliability, you can bet your would-be customers are going to bounce off your site.

20 October 2017

Regardless of industry, every digital marketer, has the same goal: to generate qualified leads. When you’re working with an excellent product and a powerful value proposition, driving leads can be a fun and exciting challenge. But here’s the catch: there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of other marketers working towards the same goal. And what happens when those marketers are vying for your audience, threatening to nab prospects? To put it simply, things can get tricky. 

16 October 2017

23% of small business websites get updated less than once each year. This can be somehow veniable. After all, small business owners are busy! While striving to bring your business to a new level, building your portfolio, and delivering the deliverables to your existing clients, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Your work samples aren’t up to date, and you’ve got no reviews. In this article you'll find simple, yet effective ways to strike it rich dedicating just a couple of hours per week.

12 October 2017

When you’ve got your head buzzing with millions of fresh ideas and creative ambitions, it’s pretty tempting to set about tackling the fun part of design. You can’t wait to create a unique product you can be proud of. And that’s great! But the challenge of every new project is that there’s always a risk of finding yourself in a dead-end street, if you fail to meet your client’s expectations from the very beginning.

06 October 2017

Besides delivering valuable content on various subjects, Ucraft is primarily a drag and drop website builder. Our goal is to bring you an easy-to-use solution that will enable you to create beautiful websites, regardless of your previous experience.