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Create Your Own Logo

Create Your Own Logo

Using our free logo maker tool, you can create a  logo for your business or company website within seconds! 


  • Fully Customizable

  • Exportable Logos

  • Perfect for Websites

  • Fast, Easy Logo Maker

  • 1000s of Icons

  • Drag and Drop Design

  • Professional Quality

  • 100% Free


Generate your brand like a pro

Build a Brand
Capture your company’s look and feel with a beautiful new logo created with Ucraft. This way you can establish your brand identity and get recognized in both online and offline world.
Promote Your Business
A unique and creative logo is an integral part of your promotion. Stand out from the crowd with your high-quality, custom designed, professional looking logo and attract new clients.
Use It Everywhere
Your logo is the forefront of your business, so just generate and export your logo to use it for marketing, branding, publishing or whatever you need. You can even use it in your email signature.
Create your own logo that will separate you from the competition. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s why a beautiful logo is worth more than a thousand PR texts.
Having a distinctive company logo will make your customers perceive you as reputable. Even if you're just starting out you'll be a serious player with a professional looking logo.
Explore all the possibilities of our free logo maker and create something that’s truly inspiring. This way you can serve as a creative role model. Lead with an example and others will follow.

Unique icons for all your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ucraft logo maker tool work?

The logo maker is a free app provided by ucraft for those who want to create a cool logo! You can craft one with the help of icons, texts and your creativity. Once you've created your logo export it as a transparent .png file.

Is this logo maker really free?

Yes, it is! Once you have created your logo, you can export it for free!

What format do I get after saving my logo?

You get a transparent, high-resolution .png file you can reuse everywhere!

Am I the owner of the design after creating it?

Yes, you are the owner of your imagination! Export the logo and reuse it wherever you need it!

Will anyone else have access to the icon I used for my logo?

Yes, it is available to everyone. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of thousands of icons, so we are sure you will find a unique one!

I don’t have any designing skills, will it work for me?

Sure! Designers can create beautiful logos with Adobe apps. If you are not a designer, then this tool is just the thing for you! Select an icon, write your company name and a motto and you are ready to export!

What kind of icons are available?

There are more than 220.000 beautifully designed icons provided by The Noun Project for you to use in your logo!

What is the resolution of the file I’m getting?

After saving the file, you will get a 1028px wide file with auto height, depending on the actual proportions of your logo.

Can I trademark the logo design for my business?

You may not trademark any unmodified icons you have downloaded from the Noun Project. The designer of the original icon holds all legal rights to his or her own work.

I have a question that’s not on your FAQ list

Hit the chat button in the bottom-right corner and ask your question! We are always happy to answer them! In addition, you can check our detailed article about the Free Logo Maker app by ucraft.

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