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Make it, take it

Whether you need a logo for your business or personal brand, we can help you generate free logo designs in seconds.

Pick a unique icon

Choose from over 2M royalty-free vector icons.

Customize your design

Play with shapes, text, icons and colors to polish your logo.

Export your logo

Get high-quality custom logo design: SVG or PNG, what's your choice? 

Save time and money

Use our drag and drop free logo maker to create stunning and memorable logos for free.

Export ready-to use files

Download high resolution .PNG or .SVG files and use in print, online and anywhere else.

Build label recognition

Establish your company identity by choosing the right color scheme, typography and icon.

Promote your brand

Export and use it for your company's branding, website or the next marketing campaign.

More stuff to try out on Ucraft

Get the tools to create and manage your online presence with Ucraft drag and drop website builder.

Create a website

Choose from a huge selection of designer made templates to create your website in a few clicks.

Launch an online store

Design a simple online shop and start selling right away. No need for a designer, do it yourself.

Start a successful blog

Set up your blog with Ucraft to share your ideas or just expand the possibilities of your website.

How to make a logo?

Get started with these easy steps
  • Click Create a logo
  • Search for a unique icon & add it to the canvas
  • Add a text element and enter your brand name
  • Customize the text: change the font, size and color
  • Choose a shape you wish to add
  • Hit Preview to see how your design looks
  • Download your free logo design in the desired format


Want to find out more about Ucraft free logo maker? Here is everything you need to know.
I don’t have design skills, will it work for me?

Sure, Ucraft free logo maker tool is a perfect choice for both designers and newbies, especially when there is no software installed on your computer. 
Our online logo maker makes it easy to pick from millions of icons created by professional design team, write your company name, motto and match it with just the right code. 
You won’t believe how easy and quick the whole process is.

How can I create a logo for free?

Here are the simple steps you can take, in order to create an impressive logo for your project.

  1. Navigate to our free online logo maker page.
  2. Find the suitable icon for your brand. Make sure to use the adjectives that best describe your brand.
  3. Add your business name. Keep it short and unique.
  4. Pick a font that compliment your logo design. Avoid using too many fonts or selecting fonts with spacing problems. 
  5. Identify the color of your logo. You can go with the branding colors of the company or such colors that goes with the company mood.
  6. Download your logo and use it on any platform at any time.
What format do I get after saving my logo?

You can get your logo either as a .png or an .svg file.

PNG file has a transparent background and are best used online. 
It is useful if you need to put your logo on colored background such as websites, marketing materials, or promotional products.

SVG file is an xml-based vector file. It is infinitely scalable and is easy to send to designers.
You can print your logo on something small, a business card for instance, or on something huge, a billboard, while keeping the same high quality. 

See this article for more info. 

Do you provide additional image file types?

With Ucraft free logo maker, you can receive a .png and .svg image file. We have found that these file types are sufficient enough to use across the majority of branding and marketing materials, including online platforms.
If you need to convert it to a different format, like .jpeg, gif, .svg is the best way to go.
Simply use any third party online tools to do the trick. 

What is the resolution of the file I'm getting?

After saving the file as a .png you will get a 600px wide file with auto height, depending on the actual proportions of your logo.
In case of purchasing an .svg, you will get a high-resolution scalable vector file.
Be noted that .svg files can be edited later on with any 3rd party software. 

Can I edit my logo after downloading it?

By all means.
When creating your own logo with Ucraft, you can save it right away and find your previous designs in My Logos folder ready to be edited (font, shape, size, color…) and saved.
However, if you selected the high resolution option, you can also edit it, but there are some restrictions. 
Performing actions like adding icons, changing fonts or color, a new purchase will be required.

Can I trademark the logo design for my business?

You may not trademark any unmodified icons you have downloaded from the Noun Project. The designer of the original icon holds all legal rights to his or her own work. That being said the icons are public, but not exclusive, so you can use them for your everyday business needs. 
With the Ucraft free logo maker, the customization options are numerous: once you have modified the icon or added other elements, you can claim it as a subject of ownership.
To copyright the logo, please contact the Brand Protection agency in your country to start the process.

For more information, visit the Noun Project’s documentation.

What else can I get besides a logo?

Once you’ve created your logo, our free online logo maker gives you an option to create a website, portfolio, landing page or an online store with just a click. 
Your website can conform to your brand's style guide, welcome visitors and give them a chance to sign up by email. From there, you can design all the details, add pages, activate some 3rd party integrations for a complete, stunning website.
The main advantage of having a website for your own is positioning your company to reach thousands more potential customers.

How do I pay for my logo?

You can securely make any payments through credit or debit cards. Currently, Ucraft logo creator accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. 
To do so hit Purchase, enter your card number, expiration period, CVV and push the Check out button to finalize the process. 

Do you store any personal data?

We do collect some personal data such as your name and email when you set up your account. To protect your security, we don’t store any credit card data on our servers. 
Learn more about the Privacy & Policy of Ucraft.

Why does my logo have a black background after downloading?

The logos created with Ucraft logo builder have a transparent background by default! On some environments, depending on your operating system, .png files may not be displayed correctly. This behavior is common for some Windows and Linux image viewers. So the logo most probably is not damaged and will work just fine on web and different editors.

Please contact our customer service if you are sure that your image is broken.

Why can’t I open my SVG file?

.svg file is a high-resolution vector file that requires professional design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate or InDesign to open. 
In case you don’t have any offline .svg viewers, your file can be viewed with modern web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or any other which provides some sort of rendering support for the .svg format

I downloaded a logo, but I cannot find it on my computer.

Your logo will download differently depending on your browser settings. Some browsers save the file to your default save location, while others will first open it in a new browser tab or window where you can manually save it.
If you don’t see it open in a separate browser tab or window, search your computer for recent downloads by pressing Ctrl+J (or ⌘+J on a Mac).

I have a question that’s not on your FAQ.

If you have a question or concern that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact via the live chat or email us at [email protected]. We’ll get right back to you.

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