Articles App for creative bloggers

Create a blog or publish a news section on your website and engage your fans in just a few easy steps

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Let’s get started!
You need to go to your Dashboard first and then choose the ‘Articles App’ icon from the Tools Panel. When you enter the Articles App realm, just click on the plus sign that will appear in the middle of your screen and get ready to start your own blog.
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It’s time to bring your A-game
This is where the real fun begins.Here you will be able to add your text, images and everything you need to create a blog that is fun and interesting for your visitors. Experiment with fonts, formatting and colors, personalize everything and see what works best for your new blog.
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You're almost done
When you finish adding your content and sprucing everything up with some great images or infographics, click on the publish button and share your magnificent blog posts with the rest of the world..
You're all set
Now that your posts are published you can kick back and relax, or you can go back and check out the Article Management section. Here you can see the overview of all the posts you’ve published and see the ones that are in drafts or the ones you have deleted. You see that it doesn't take much time to create a blog.
Create a blog page layout
Before you create a blog, think about the visual identity of your blog - which layout you want, how many articles per page etc.
Single post layout
Exactly! This is what your blog post will look like after you publish it on your blog.
Single post layout - Articles app

Mighty features to create a blog

Social Sharing

This feature is a must for every blogger. Connect social media buttons to your every post to make it easy for your readers to spread the good word about your blog in their online circles.

SEO & Social-friendly

It isn’t enough just to write a blog post - it needs to be lovable for social media and searchable in Google. This feature will help you achieve all that. Optimize everything from titles and descriptions to images and snippets.

Commenting System

For your blog to prosper it’s important that you start a conversation and receive feedback from your audience. Enable your readers to have a voice by adding the Disqus commenting add-on.

Rich Text Editor

Fresh from our labs comes the WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor that will give you more power and flexibility to create a blog. This innovation will make it easier for you to enter and format your blog content.

Why should I start a blog

Drive more traffic
When you start a blog, it will most certainly boost the number of visits to your website and reach a larger audience to market your product and services.
Learn and educate
By starting a blog, you can educate your audience and share your experience and valuable advice. Moreover, you will also learn more about the topics you cover.
Establish authority
Running a blog will help you build trust, create an awesome community and become an authority in your industry or line of work.
Generate leads
People reading your blog are most likely your potential customers. Use that to your advantage and convert them into leads and eventually customers.
Nurture relationships
One of the many benefits of starting a blog is that it encourages your customers to engage with your content and speak their mind.
Inspire others
You don’t need to create a blog only for business purposes, create it for yourself and use your writing to help and inspire others.

Frequently asked questions

Starting a blog on your business website can have a positive impact on your business for several reasons. The obvious one is driving more traffic to your website. Writing quality content for your blog or publishing relevant news will not only attract more visitors, but let those visitors become your target audience. Other than that, your blog will give you a platform where you can share your brand’s message and establish online authority.
Your can create a blog for a number of reasons. It doesn’t have to be only for your business. The purpose of every blog is either to educate or share thoughts and experience. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that your options are limitless. Create a travel, fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, or any other type of blog for your hobby or work. You don’t even need to have a specific form or structure; you can use it as an online journal or a space to post your creative writing.
That’s why we are here. With our Articles App it’s incredibly easy to start and maintain a blog. Choose your topic, write an awesome article and in just a few steps add images, optimize and publish it using our Articles App. Ucraft provides you with all the tools that you need to make you blog shine—you just have to start writing.
It absolutely will. Having a blog and writing about industry-relevant topics will help you rank for more relevant keywords, making your business easier to find in the search. Make sure to do your keyword research to get a better idea of the topics you need to cover. Besides writing quality content, don’t forget to optimize it using our SEO App.
Creating a blog to promote your new business is a good tactic. What better way to introduce your new brand to the masses than through exciting content on your blog? You can provide your users with real value through this channel and show them why your product or service is unique. Also, it’s much easier to build trust and relationships with potential customers when they have something to read about you and your endeavors.
None whatsoever. That’s the best part—you don’t need to know anything about coding or something similar. When we say that everything in Ucraft website builder is based on a drag-and-drop system, we really mean that. The same goes for the Articles App. You just need determination, passion and a touch of creativity to start you new blog.
With Ucraft you don’t need to worry about hosting your blog, because we will take care of that for you. When you create a website, you’ll get free and reliable cloud hosting from Google, without any stress or hassle. Just check our free website hosting page for more info!