A complete set of advanced features to build and manage your website with Ucraft.
Website Editor Website Editor

Website editor

Multilingual website
Create multilingual websites in a few clicks. Reach a larger audience by translating your website into different languages.
Website language detection
Ucraft automatically detects the language for your visitor based on their IP address, browser language or default language of the website when they first open it.
Multi-regional website
Region switcher helps visitors from all over the world to filter your website’s content. Ucraft uses hreflang attribute to target languages and regions.
Team collaboration
Give your team selective access to your site based on permissions - editor, marketer, designer, admin, billing admin or owner.
Billing admin
As a freelance designer or webmaster, you might want to transfer billing ownership of your website’s subscription to another account. Assign a new billing admin to manage all of your payments and subscriptions.
Member login
Allow your customers to create store accounts to manage orders and save an address info for quicker checkout.
Custom and Google fonts
Take advantage of free fonts from Google Font library, or just upload any font of your choice.
Custom codes
Need to add something Ucraft doesn't support out of the box? Embed HTML/CSS/JS code to the entire site or a specific part of a page.
Offline mode
Is your website currently under construction? Enable the offline feature and tell visitors that your site is not available at the moment.
Preview mode
View how your site looks on different devices and screen resolutions using our Preview functionality.
Password-protected website
Keep things private by protecting your entire website or specific pages with a password, making sure that only authorized users can access it.
Visibility control
Control the visibility of your content for different devices, geolocation (Country, City or Custom IP), certain pages or logged-in users.
Website version control
The publishing functionality allows you to display the cached version of your site while you work on a new version. This is called browser cache that speeds up the page loading.
Duplicate pages
Duplicate pages to quickly add a new one with the same layout and look as the original page.
Lead generation tools
Add form or subscription elements to collect email distribution lists or client data with ease.
Logo maker
Create a logo for your brand without leaving your website. With Ucraft drag and drop logo maker you can design your custom logo in seconds.
Mobile touch icon
This is a file used for a web page icon on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. When someone bookmarks your web page or adds your web page to their home screen, this icon
is shown.
Designer tools Designer tools


Adaptive web design
All Ucraft websites are completely adaptive and adjust on different screen sizes and device types.
Ready-made layouts
Over 100 designer-made blocks including about sections, form, testimonial, FAQ, slider, footer, eCommerce storefronts to save your time.
Designer tools
Set your website typography, customize the layout and enhance the UI Kit with a set of advanced web design tools.
Expended text editor
Use our text editor to format the structure of your content, including headers, lists, indentation, style the look of the text (e.g. fonts, colors, sizes, spacing) or insert a table.
System page customization
Design custom password-protected, offline and 404 error pages, when your visitor reaches a page that doesn’t exist
or isn’t available at the moment.
Save block
Save any desired blocks and reuse them on other websites under the same account.
Multi-header and multi-footer
Add multiple blocks in the header or footer sections and change the color, number of elements and the overall layout for each individual page.
Accordion element
Accordion allows you to create panels of content that can be hidden or shown by the end user. An example of it is a FAQ page providing quick answers to common questions.
Add animations to elements and blocks on your site with parallax, rotate, fade-in or affix scrolling.
Use flat or gradient colors to adjust the tone of your site’s text, elements, columns and background areas.
Organize your page content with divider and blank space elements to add visual value to your layout.
Media Media


Media library
Ucraft offers a built-in media library to manage your image file uploads.
Image galleries
Add images in a variety of layouts, including sliders, galleries, background covers and more.
Video widget
Embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo or upload your custom ones in MP4 format.
Free icon and image library
Find the image or icon you need without leaving your site. Thanks to our partnership with Unsplash and Nounproject, you can add free stock images and curated icons in one click.
eCommerce eCommerce


Digital goods
Add digital goods like eBooks and music to your store and deliver downloadable products to your customers through email.
Import/Export products
You can update your product catalog by exporting and importing products in CSV files.
Track inventory
Enable inventory tracking for products and get notified when your stock levels get low.
Secure checkout 
Ucraft offers SSL encryption across your entire site. That lets customers know your online store is secure from the first page they visit through checkout.
50+ payment gateways
Choose a payment processor from our list of 50+ providers to accept credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment options.
20+ shipping methods
Deliver your products using the most popular carriers. Offer real-time carrier quotes, flat-rate shipping, subtotal or weight-based rates.
In-person pick up
Customers can pick up their orders from your store location instead of waiting for a courier service to ship them out.
Tax calculator
Define tax rates on a manual or automatic basis. With our built-in tax calculator, compliance is simple.
Multilingual storefront
Translate your catalog to multiple languages. Ucraft will automatically translate the rest - check out page, invoices and email notifications.
Currency selection
Ucraft supports all the official currencies. List your products exactly in the currency you want to accept payments. Note, selling in multiple currencies isn’t available at present.
Product options
Set your product options (e.g. sizes, colors, categories, etc) or use product variations to assign different images for every product option.
Filtered product search
Use product filtering to allow your customers shop by attribute, like price, color, size and more. Help them navigate to the product they need within seconds.
Discount and coupons
Run promotions by offering coupons for free shipping offers, percent, and absolute discounts.
Customer group
Use the customer groups feature to provide promotional coupons and discounts to specific customers. You can group them under certain criteria: VIP, registered, wholesaler or repeat customer.
Store management app
Use our mobile app for eCommerce on IOS and Android to add new products, manage orders and accept payments on the go.
Abandoned cart saver
After an abandoned cart occurs, Ucraft can send a recovery email to remind the shopper about their unfinished order.
App market
Overpower competition with our effective apps and tools; marketing, accounting, analytics, reporting and more.
All sales channels
Automatically sync your store products with top marketplaces and reach over 179 million shoppers worldwide.
Order editor 
Edit orders in case you need to change any details. Modify purchased items, shipping and billing details, adjust order total to apply discounts, and more.
Custom invoices
If you are on Pro Shop or Unlimited plan, you can customize the default invoice template to sound more personalized and match the branding of your store.
3rd Party Integrations 3rd Party Integrations


Marketing tools
Create powerful email marketing campaigns, add pop-up messages, take feedback, accept payments and much more with leading marketing tools such as Hello Bar, Algolia, Typeform, Algolia, Mandrill, MailChimp, Paypal, etc.
Social tools
Add social media feeds to your website to increase engagement and conversions. Current integrations - Facebook Feed, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, Social sharing.
Live chats
Let your customers talk to you while browsing your website. Ucraft is integrated with a bunch of chat solutions such as Intercom, Live Agent, Jivosite, Live Chat, Zendesk Chat and Facebook Messenger.
Analytic tools
Analyze the traffic of your website with tools like Hotjar, Uservoice, Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics and Top mail.ru. Add the tracking ID and you are all set.
Event planning tools
Connect your website to Countdown, Calendly or Eventbrite and let your customers book events or sell tickets.
Music widgets
Use the Soundcloud and iTunes to share your favorite tracks with your site visitors.
Domain Domain


Purchase custom domain
Purchase a domain directly through Ucraft. All domains are provided on an annual basis and come with free WhoisGuard privacy protection.
Connect custom domain
Connect an existing domain name, free of charge. Your current provider remains as the host, but a few adjustments of DNS records points the domain to the Ucraft IP address.
Link multiple domains
All Ucraft plans allow you connect different domains to one site and drive more traffic. An example of this is ucraft.com, ucraft.ru, ucraft.am.
Domain per language
Link a specific domain to a certain language to display personalized content, target your audience and rank high on search results based on geo-location rules.
Free SSL certificate
Connect your domain and Ucraft will issue a free SSL certificate in under a minute.
Free hosting
Get your secure, reliable and free Ucraft hosting powered by Google Cloud. No setup required.
Blogging Tools Blogging Tools


Categories and tags
Use categories and tags to organize your blog posts. Add categories and manage your content with a click of a button.
Schedule blog posts
Schedule your posts and choose date and time - the system will automatically publish them.
Comment system
Real-time comments made easy with Disqus. Foster discussions and increase engagement in a meaningful way.
RSS Feed
Add a custom feed to your website using RSS. Display news from an external source to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.
Social sharing
Enable sharing buttons for your blog posts and let your readers share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Customizable URLs
Ucraft automatically generates permalinks based on the title of the blog post that can be customized later on.
Featured articles
Featured articles highlight blog posts you want to bring to your visitor's attention by matching specific tags.
SEO tools SEO tools


SEO tool
Improve your search ranking by giving each page a meta-title and meta-description with Ucraft built-in SEO tool.
Auto-generated XML sitemap
Ucraft automatically generates and updates a sitemap XML file for every website. To access it, add /sitemap.xml to the end of your site’s link.
Robots.txt control
Set Robots.txt to control how the search engines crawl and index your website.
301/302 redirects
Use a 301-redirect for content that’s been permanently removed or 302-redirect for inactive pages.
URL customization
Create descriptive, meaningful and SEO-friendly URL aliases to improve your site’s ranking in search results.
Social image
Upload an OG image that will appear on social media when your website is shared.
Alt tags for images
Add alt tags to your downloadable images and help search engine crawlers to index images properly.
Image optimization
We’ll automatically optimize your image file size by converting it from JPEG or PNG to WebP format.
Upload your favicon to increase brand recognition, trust among your visitors and improve search engine optimization.
24/7 live support 24/7 live support


24/7 support
Have any questions? Our support team offers email and live chat support on 24/7 basis.
Help center
Ucraft knowledgebase is here to support you with how-to guides on every feature you need.
Community forum
Participate in Ucraft community discussions and stay up to date with our latest news and features.
Youtube tutorials
Check out our Youtube channel and take a look at the tutorials. Hit the subscribe button to not miss out. Visit us here.