We're looking for passionate team players to join our ever-evolving web journey!

We're looking for

passionate team players

to join our ever-evolving web


About Us

Ucraft is an intuitive, code-free, drag-and-drop website builder for anyone who wants to create a professional and responsive website. Our user base consists of many different customers, including (but not limited to) small business owners, online retailers, service providers, restaurants/bakeries, photographers, bloggers, artists, musicians, and more.

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Also, meet Hoory AI!

Hoory is the innovative, voice-activated assistant, designed to radically change the customer service industry. Through AI and machine learning, Ucraft’s latest cutting-edge project will positively impact the global community. Join our driven and passionate team of developers to dive further into the world of modern AI technologies.

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Company Culture & Values

Ucraft's culture, at its core, reflects the values of diversity, innovation, and collaboration. We believe in diversifying our workforce as much as possible since this facilitates change and growth. Likewise, we also provide a wide variety of resources and opportunities for learning, gaining experience, and leveling up. Teamwork and interpersonal communication also remain steadily present at the heart of Ucraft, and, as a company, we ensure that every single employee feels like a valued member of a big family instead of just a name on a database.

Diversity at Ucraft

With almost 200 employees from different countries and backgrounds, the Ucraft team is one of the most diverse companies in the region. We're passionate about integrating new voices into the team, listening to new suggestions, and getting to know people from all over the world. As long as you have a passion for tech, you're welcome to join our growing team and contribute your own ideas. Likewise, we also offer relocation opportunities and remote work options for anyone interested in joining the team outside of Armenia.

Company Background

Ucraft started as a small project back in 2014, with just a few employees working on the first version of our website builder in a compact office space. After realizing the growth potential in our chosen market, we hired a larger team and worked on improving our software. Several years later, we moved to an open-space facility with 200+ employees, secured a loyal customer base of over 1 million users, and gained a respectable status in the website builder market.


Make the most of the numerous employee benefits we offer - from paid holidays to office facilities.

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20 days annual leave to help you relax and recharge

20 days annual leave to help you relax and recharge

Ucraft provides employees with a total of 20 working days of annual leave - weekends not included! Take a few breaks per year to relax and recharge, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to work.

Free medical insurance to maintain health and strength

Free medical insurance to maintain health and strength

We have partnered with several health insurance companies to provide employees with all the medical assistance they need. Simply call the number on the card, request to visit a specific physician, and the insurance company will sort the rest for you.

Free unlimited access to a professional on-site gym

Free unlimited access to a professional on-site gym

Maintain your physique and endurance, or even start working on it when you join Ucraft. We provide free unlimited access to an on-site gym with a wide selection of workout equipment and the opportunity to train with a trainer.

Employee Success Stories

Check out our Ucraft Employee Interview series, where our talented team members share their success stories. Learn about their backgrounds, how they started working at Ucraft, what challenges they faced along the way, and - most importantly - tips and lifehacks on becoming successful at Ucraft.

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