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Build a free landing page to showcase your idea or product, drive organic traffic and generate more leads. Once you’re done with the design, go ahead and connect your own custom domain for free or get a new one.

How to create a landing page?

Get started with these easy steps:
  1. Sign up and create your free account
  2. Select the Free Landing Page option
  3. Pick one of many free landing page templates
  4. Arrange sections and elements on the page
  5. Add and edit your texts, images and videos
  6. Optimize the content for search engines
  7. Publish your new landing page
  8. Connect a custom domain for Free

Landing Page Templates

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Save your time

Don’t fuss over your landing page design by reusing our ready-made website templates. Our template team has researched various industries to come up with the best UX and layout. Now it’s time for you to add your brand and connect your domain.

Get free hosting

All the landing pages created with Ucraft enjoy free cloud hosting provided by Google, so your website will load fast and perform beautifully. No time to waste, grab your domain and you’re free to host it with us!

Share it across the web

Generate leads, create email lists or share your effective one-page website across social media platforms in order to reach the right people and promote your project. And guess what? It’s totally free!

Make it work for you

Introduce yourself, start networking and create an online presence with Ucraft free Landing Page creator. Build a one-page website for just about anything, a resume, a new product or an upcoming event.

Connect your domain

Have a custom domain you’d like to use? Perfect, you can connect it to your landing page totally for free or purchase a brand new one right away from your Domain app and have it connected automatically.

Get found on Google

Ucraft makes organic growth easier than ever. Our SEO App is free for everyone, so you can add meta titles, descriptions, redirections and social images for your landing page to boost your rankings.


If you're new to Ucraft, this guide answers common questions about the builder, the services we offer, and how to get started.
What is a landing page?
By definition, a landing page is any web page where visitors can “land” on or arrive at after, for example, seeing your campaign. You can also use our free landing page templates to make one-page websites and promote your business or brand.
I am new to the web! Can I create a landing page with Ucraft? 
Sure! Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder and since no coding or designer skills are needed, anyone can use it to build engaging landing pages or entire websites with ease. You should definitely give it a try!
Are the free landing pages created with Ucraft responsive? 
All the blocks and elements on Ucraft are smart enough to adapt to all devices, so your landing page will look perfect on different PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
Can I connect a domain to my landing page?
Definitely! You can connect your existing domain or buy a new one right away through the Domain App on your Ucraft Dashboard.
How can I create an Email list with my Ucraft landing page?
Good question! If your goal is to create a mailing list and generate leads, you can make use of a landing page template with a Form or Subscription Element. All you need to do is add your recipient address or connect your Mailchimp account or Google Sheets!
What's the difference between a website and a landing page? 
A landing page is typically a one-page website, while website plans have more pages with different sections. Also be noted, that in case of Landing Pages, you can only add up to 50 Basic Elements. The other way around there are no limitations on our Paid Plans. Interested? Move to our Pricing page and learn more on plans and packages available.
Is it really FREE to create a landing page with Ucraft?
Yes, absolutely free! All you need to do is choose a free landing page template, pick a subdomain name for your website and add your content.
Can I remove Ucraft badge from my landing page? 
Definitely, all you need to do is upgrade your subscription from "Landing Page" to "Website" or "eCommerce Website". The Ucraft branding watermark will be removed once you’ve upgraded your plan.
I couldn't find a template I need, what can I do? 
You can check out our premium templates and see if any of them fits your expectations. If not, hit the Help button in the lower right corner of this page and let us know your thoughts, maybe our designers will craft a new template just for you!

Create your free landing page with Ucraft

Once you've finished designing your landing, go ahead and connect your domain. It's free!