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AI Customer Support Assistant

Meet your new 24/7 customer support solution, Hoory AI

Transform the way you engage with customers and turn every conversation into a conversion with Hoory AI, your dynamic and proactive rule-based sales bot.

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Drive conversions through chats

Guide your customers to the items they need, and a few they didn’t know they needed. By recognizing buying intent, Hoory AI proactively suggests products, leading to more purchases, up-selling, and cross-selling.

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Seamlessly add Hoory AI to your store

Easily integrate Hoory AI with your online store and your existing product recommendation engine to create a powerful duo. Your eCommerce site by Ucraft Next and Hoory AI's intelligent sales bot will work in sync to boost your sales.

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Leverage your rule-based assistant

Don’t rely on a static website for eCommerce success. Harness Hoory AI’s structured approach that uses dynamic flow charts to guide user interactions through pre-defined conversation flows.

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Train from scratch

Customize the bot's behavior to fully align with your brand and customer needs.

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Use templates

Speed up development with ready-made templates for various industries and use cases.

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Import projects

Seamlessly continue working on a previously saved project by importing unfinished files.

Join the future of eCommerce

Ready to make your eCommerce journey smarter and drive more sales? Let's shape the future of eCommerce together!