Free web hosting  

Ucraft allows everyone to deploy their next awesome project on top of free hosting by Google Cloud.

With Ucraft you'll get 

  1. Reliable and free web hosting by Google
  2. A drag and drop website builder
  3. Free Ucraft subdomain
  4. Loads of beautiful, yet free templates to choose from
  5. Blogging platform
  6. 15+ powerful integrations and much more

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Get a Ucraft subdomain and later connect your custom domain for free!


See below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about free web hosting.
How do I set up my free web hosting?
That’s the thing, you don’t need to set anything. We will take care of it all, you just need to sign up and start the creative process.
Will I get a free landing page with free hosting?
You got that right! Choose the Free Landing Page plan, pick the template you like, choose your website name and start adding your content.
Who is the web hosting provider?
We only do business with the best, so we partnered up with Google to guarantee you top-notch hosting. It’s needless to say that Google Cloud hosting is amongst the most reliable on the market so your website will be in good hands.
What if I need a website with multiple pages?
Think a single page is not enough for your project? You can always Upgrade to higher plans and build a full website or an online store.
I already have a domain, can I use it here?
Bingo! If you have already purchased a domain, you can easily connect it to your new website using the Domain app totally for free.
Is everything really free? Are there any hidden fees?
There’s no hidden catch, you really get free website hosting. With Ucraft free plan you can create your landing page and get free hosting on top.
Are websites created with Ucraft responsive?
All the blocks and elements on Ucraft are smart enough to adapt to all devices, so your website will look perfect on different PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
Do I have any bandwidth limitations?
Ucraft free web hosting gives you unlimited disk storage and data transfer so you can scale your business. You can relax knowing that your website will always stay online.
What if I don’t have a domain?
No worries! You get a free subdomain for free when building a website with Ucraft. In case you want a custom domain, you can purchase one through the Domain app or get a free domain name with our yearly subscription.