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Launch your Web3 eCommerce Business with Dream Factory

Dive into the Web3 era with 3 revolutionary solutions - the Ucraft Next web builder, the Hoory AI live chat assistant, and the immersive FastexVerse.

Launch Your Online Store with Ucraft Next

Build an advanced eCommerce store in minutes and make your first sale today. Sell anything from physical and virtual products to appointments, tickets, rentals, and more.

Build Your Store

Save Valuable Resource

Unlock advanced features affordably and enter the Web3 commerce space without financial hurdles, no matter the size of your business.


Accept Crypto Payments

Tap into the potential of crypto commerce and broaden your customer base with safe crypto transactions via the Fulgur Wallet integration.

Automate and Boost Customer Interactions with Hoory AI

Meet Hoory AI, your intelligent live chat assistant. Enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and provide instant support to your online visitors.

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Handle More Inquiries

Leverage Hoory's automation powers to process a higher volume of inquiries, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks.


Offer Multilingual Support

Talk to customers in over 100 languages supported system-wide, even in a single chat. 

Launch Your Virtual Business Space with FastexVerse

Immerse your business into the virtual reality of FastexVerse. Create a custom-designed 3D space for your brand and interact with customers in a revolutionary way.

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Build a Memorable Brand Presence

Stand out in the Web3 landscape, revolutionize your brand presence and delight customers with a distinctive virtual space.


Unlock the Power of Gamification

Use FastexVerse's PR and marketing tools to boost visibility in first-tier media and maximize marketing potential through gamification.

How to start a Web3 business in 6 steps

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Choose packages, explore discounts, and complete the checkout.

Enjoy a free 14-day trial of the Dream package.

Customize a bundle to your business needs.

Get access to a dedicated agent for smooth onboarding.

Set up your workspace and launch with confidence.

Start your Web3 journey with the 3-in-1 package

Launch your Web3 eCommerce business with Dream Factory - where innovation meets affordability.

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