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Make more websites and more revenue by becoming a Ucraft Next Partner. Use our AI-powered builder to design websites for your clients and earn for every site you sell.

Perfect for SaaS enterprises, marketing and design agencies, webmasters and freelance designers.

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Use our AI solution as your own

Take five minutes to join our Partner Program and build your first project in a matter of hours.

Start growing your existing web design business or create a new revenue stream by adding web development services to your core offering, all within one day.

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Design and Marketing Agencies

Add website design to your list of services and become a one-stop shop for your clients.

Use our AI-powered builder under your branding and make sure that clients only see your logo and domain in their dashboard.

Set your own billing policy and earn for every website you sell.

Freelance Designers and Webmasters

Use the power of AI to design websites or online stores in a few hours.

Start with professionally-made templates or design from scratch with the robust Visual Editor.

Create websites for free and only pay when you transfer projects to clients. Bill clients as much as you like, right from the dashboard.

SaaS Enterprises

Launch your website builder business under your brand and domain in record time.

Set custom pricing options, integrate any number of tech solutions and offer the builder to your clients under your own conditions.

Boost your recurring revenue with minimal extra spending.

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Zero coding

Build complex projects by just dragging and dropping.

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Zero tech

Scale with no investment in tech resources or infrastructure.

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Zero risk

Launch confidently - no investment means no risk.

Build stunning visual experiences, down to the last pixel

The Visual Editor

Helps create pixel-perfect visual experiences every step of the way, from the homepage to the checkout.

The Design System

Helps design websites and stores like a pro by automatically pulling together complementary typography, colors, UI elements and presets.

ucraft next design system

Why Ucraft Next websites are so easy to sell

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The AI-powered UC Bot

Generates a number of custom layout options within a few minutes, saving you and your clients weeks of work.

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The All-Inclusive eCommerce Toolset

Makes it easy to manage inventory, integrate shipping and payment options, handle orders, access analytics and more.


Everything you need to succeed

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Priority support

Get all the tools you need from day one. Start easily with step-by-step onboarding, tailored training, and a dedicated account manager.

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White labelling

Make our powerful builder truly your own by changing all branding elements. Your clients will never know you are using Ucraft Next.

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Revenue sharing

Charge your clients however much you like and retain the majority of your earnings - we only collect a small partnership fee.

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Become a Ucraft expert

Take your career to the next level by becoming a certified expert with Ucraft. Explore what it means to be a top-notch Ucraft expert on Fiverr today!

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The Ucraft Next Partner Solution has helped us significantly reduce our website launch time - we’ve managed to decrease it by a factor of 5, and we’re anticipating the potential for a further 2-fold reduction.

Merilyn Michaels

Project Manager and Senior Designer, Mediagistic

More earning opportunities soon

Earn by creating templates

Design your own template, add it to the Ucraft Next template gallery and get paid every time someone uses your template.

Earn by building apps

Develop useful apps, make them available at our app store and get paid every time someone adds your app to their websites.

Build and profit with NFT marketplaces

Launch an NFT marketplace with our cutting-edge builder. Attract artists and collectors, foster a unique community, and thrive in the booming world of digital art.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can become a Ucraft Next partner?

The Ucraft Next Partner Program is ideal for webmasters, design agencies, and marketing companies. It is also suitable for freelance designers, creative agencies, developers, payment providers, domain registrars, and hosting providers.

Additionally, due to custom enterprise solutions, the Partner Program is a perfect fit for large enterprises looking to launch their own website builder.

How do I get started as a Ucraft Next partner?

First, visit the Ucraft Next website, sign up for one of the Partner Programs and create your workspace. Once set up, you can explore the features, benefits, and resources available to partners, and start growing your business.

How can I earn revenue as a partner?

You can earn revenues by creating workspaces under your workspace (co-branded or white-labeled, depending on the selected package) and designing and reselling projects for your clients.

You can also make revenues on every Ucraft site you refer to, earning 10-20% of the B2C subscription price.

What services can I offer with the Partners Program?

By becoming a Ucraft Next Partner, you can start offering website/eCommerce store development, hosting, email, and domain services – all in one place.

Our solution comes with a built-in CRM, so you'll be able to track your clients' progress, manage their accounts and sites, and communicate with them.

How can I qualify for the Partners Program?

There is currently no qualification process. All you need to do is to sign up for the Partners Program, create your workspace, and make use of the available tools and features to sell websites to your clients.

Can I become a Ucraft Expert and get paid to provide web services?

Absolutely! Ucraft is Fiverr certified, and we’re always looking for professionals to join our expert network.

As a Ucraft Expert on Fiverr, you can provide web design, development, SEO, content writing, and other services to clients around the world. This is a great way to earn a steady income while building your professional reputation.

Sign up here to become a part of our network of pros.

Start growing your business in minutes