White Label Website Builder by Ucraft 

Flexible white-labeled web solution, perfect for tech companies looking to start a website builder business or to integrate with existing ecosystems.

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Choose from our trusted models and business scenarios

SaaS Model

  • Design your website under your own brand and logo
  • Create your own templates: Landing pages, websites & eCommerce websites
  • Setup your own pricing model
  • Enable your clients to build their own websites under sitename.yourdomain.com
  • Get paid on a monthly or annual basis for every subscription

Freelancers & Agencies 

  • Accept web design orders from your clients
  • Build custom websites on your own white-labeled platform
  • Charge your clients for your design services directly via the platform
  • Provide them with accounts to log in and further customize their sites, update content, etc.


 Custom Solution

  • Inject a website builder seamlessly into your already existing online business
  • Develop custom Elements, Apps and integrations
  • Run affiliate and referral programs
  • Become a domain reseller and much more


Bye-Bye, WordPress!

Forget about dangerous core updates, messy templates and complicated builders. Simply choose the package that fits your business plan and give your clients an easy to use yet powerful website builder platform.

What you get with Ucraft WL?

  1. Drag & drop website builder 
  2. SEO friendly platform 
  3. Responsive design builder
  4. Multilingual site builder       
  5. Landing page creator     
  6. Advanced Ecommerce solution 
  7. Logo maker 
  8. Domain reseller tool
  9. Payment gateways: Braintree, Paypal, Apple Pay
  10. Unlimited core updates
  11. Tech support
  12. 20+ 3-rd party integrations



Pick the plan that best suits your business model 

Standard Package

up to 2000 sites

$ 5.6k/year

Good for Designers, Marketing Agencies  & Webmasters

  • Your Company Brand & Logo
  • Your Company Domain
  • Your Templates
  • 20 Templates designed by Ucraft
  • Your Pricing Plans
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Ecommerce app
  • Landing Page Creator app
  • Logo Maker app
  • 20+ Integrations with Marketing, Analytics & Design Platforms
  • A complete Billing system to manage Subscriptions and Payments (Braintree / Paypal / Yandex.Money)
  • All in one Admin Dashboard to manage your business (Sites, Users, Plans, and even action logs)
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Self Hosted Package

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Good for Domain Providers & Cloud Hosting Providers

Everything included in Standard package

+ Plus...
  • Platform Hosted on a co-owned Server
  • Override & Extend the Core
  • Restful API for Custom Integrations
  • Affiliate Solution
  • Referral Program
  • Technical support

Powerful Integrations

Ucraft website builder is integrated with a growing number of nifty 3rd-party tools to increase your conversions and lifetime value


What’s the difference between the plans available?
The main difference is that in case of the Self Hosted plan you get a Rest API which enables access to the core, so that you can override and extend it, as well as add your own integrations. While with the Standard Package you can only use the current functionalities and integrations available on ucraft.com.
Will I get system updates from Ucraft?
Sure, every single element, integration or core update added to Ucraft will automatically appear on your platform as well.
What payment methods can I enable to charge my clients?
Ucraft platform is integrated with Braintree Payments and Yandex. This means that you can start accepting payments via Paypal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Yandex Money! But wait, with Self Hosted package you can integrate easily any payment method with your WL platform.
Can I create my own pricing model?
Yes, you can! Your are free to design your own subscription plans with your own rules, which you will sell to your clients by simply using the Admin Dashboard.
Can my clients later update their website content?
Sure thing! Build professional websites for your clients or enable them to do that themselves using your branded drag and drop website builder. Create your templates and blocks and you are ready to host and sell websites just like the PROs..
Should I take care of the servers to host Ucraft WL platform?
It depends on your business model! We can help you host the Ucraft WL website builder on Google Cloud easily, but you can also host it anywhere you want, like Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean or anywhere else!
Can my clients connect their domains to their websites?
Absolutely, they can connect their existing domains easily. They can also purchase new domains instantly using the Domain app on the Dashboard, as you get the Domain Reseller option with Ucraft WL platform
Can I remove the branding badge of Ucraft from my clients' websites?
Sure! As we said, the platform is ours, but the brand is yours! The moment we set up the white label website builder for you, you can do whatever you want - brand it, promote it and start selling!
Can I manage the websites created with Ucraft White Label?
Of course you can! You will get an easy to use, yet a powerful Admin Dashboard to manage all the websites created on your website builder. Admin Dashboard will enable you to check the daily activities happening within the platform as well!

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