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Create a trendy shopping experience and start selling online right away. Pick a ready-made designer template to quickly add  products and bring your business online.

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Offer your customers fast and secure international transactions with no hidden fees.

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Offer an easy way of paying and receiving instant payments on your eCommerce website with 70+ world's most popular payment and shipping methods.

Social Commerce

Boost your sales by syncing your store products with online marketplaces and social media platforms to unlock a whole new world of opportunities and standards.

Marketplaces integrated with Ucraft

eCommerce Templates

14-day free trial available for all templates

Powerful Analytics

Optimize your Facebook campaigns and easily monitor their results. Analyze your performance and grow your sales with retargeting ads on Facebook and Google.

Get Things Done

Keep track of your sales and customers, issue invoices, manage taxes, email notifications and anything else to run a successful online store.

Sell on any Device

Ucraft offers responsive eCommerce templates that allow your customers to shop online from their favorite mobile gadgets.


Product SEO

Set SEO tags on every single item to help your customers easily find what they need. Our in-built SEO app will make the Search Engines love your online shop.

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No matter whether you're just starting your online store or already have an established business, we offer different plans to fit your needs and expectations.

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Check out our list of frequently asked questions and answers for eCommerce websites. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask away.
I've never sold online. Is Ucraft eCommerce suitable for me?

Ucraft online store builder can be a perfect choice no matter if you're just getting started or already have an established business. Our goal is to deliver an online store builder that is super easy-to-use regardless of your coding or design skills. 
It provides a range of ready-made styles and layouts that allow you to create an online store in mere minutes. What you need to do is just pick the appropriate online store template, drag and drop elements/blocks on your site and upload your products. 

What is the pricing model for my online shop?

Ucraft offers 3 different pricing plans at the moment: Pro Website, Pro Shop and BigCommerce.
Pro Website plan gives you an opportunity to run an Inventory, use 70+ payment and shipping methods, and access the App Market on your Ucraft platform. 

The Pro Shop plan gives you more advanced features, such as automated abandoned cart recovery, product variations, tax exemption, invoice customization, discount coupons and more. 

The BigCommerce plan offers the most specialized features. It’s the best choice for businesses looking to expand into online, mobile, and retail sales. Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc, as well as the removal of the product limit, will help you diversify and scale your online store.
Learn more on our pricing page.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

Absolutely not. You can sign up for a 14-day trial and explore the services provided before making a commitment. At the end of your trial, or only when you decide to launch your website, you can then enter your credit card details. 

Learn more about the Terms and Conditions of Ucraft.

Can I sell digital products (e-goods)?

No doubt! The shopping and checkout experience for digital products is no different from any other product in your store. To fulfill digital product orders, Ucraft sends a link to your customers email to download your products. Customers can also download any purchased products from the order details page in your store.

Digital products are available on paid plans. The file size limits for Ucraft plans are:

  • Pro Website – 100MB
  • Pro Shop – 1GB
  • BigCommerce – 10GB

There is no limit for the number of your e-goods or their downloads, so you can upload and sell as many as you can.

Do you charge transaction fee from sales?

Ucraft does not charge any transaction fees if you use a third-party payment provider in your store. 
Please keep in mind that online payment gateways you might use to gather the money for your orders always charge transaction fees and other service fees. The exact amount of fees your payment gateway imposes on your shop depends on your business and their own internal policies. Please, find out all these important details with the customer care service of your preferred payment gateway before you start selling.

Do I need hosting for my online store?

With Ucraft you don't have to worry about web hosting — online stores created with Ucraft are automatically hosted on Google Cloud.
Data stored on GCP is automatically encrypted at rest and distributed for availability and reliability. This helps guard against unauthorized access and service interruptions.

Check our free web hosting page for more info.

How can I add products to my website?

You can add products and categories to your store through the eCommerce app on your Dashboard either manually or in bulk. Manual entry requires you to add every single product one by one, while a bulk import with the help of product import will be a faster option.
It is based on CSV (comma separated values) files, which contain plain text entries separated by delimiters. 
See our step-by-step instructions for importing products using a CSV file.

Do you have storage limitations?

There is no storage limitation in Ucraft, you can upload as many files or images for the products that you need. However, depending on the plan you choose, you do have a limited number of products for each plan. Pro Website supports 50 products, Pro Shop enables having 1000 products and there are no storage limitations for the Unlimited plan. As for digital products, Ucraft does not have any bandwidth limits. However, file size is restricted based on your store’s pricing plan.

Do you offer inventory management system?

Sure thing! You can track the number of products in your store by adding a stock quantity for each product separately. Ucraft will do the rest - it adjusts the quantity automatically when customers complete purchases from your store. It also supports your multichannel selling, syncing across all your platforms.
Once the quantity reaches zero, Ucraft notifies the owner via email, adds an “Out of stock” note to your catalog, and suspends purchases of the item.
You can also track stock levels of product options like Sizes and Colors if you create variations out of them.

How to calculate tax rates automatically?

For users from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe Ucraft calculates the tax rates automatically based on the store and customer's location. On the checkout, the customer will be charged a proper tax rate according to country and regional tax rules.
The tax rate is calculated with a zip code accuracy. If your customer provides zip+4, it will be calculated with even higher precision. In some states, the tax is calculated with a street address level precision.

Do you offer a product search widget?

Our integration with Algolia allows you to provide your customers with a lightning-fast search experience. The search element can be added to any page on your site or to all the pages.
If you want the Search to scroll your site and give results based on the Pages, Articles or eCommerce products, enable the required options from the Source Settings.

As an alternative, make use of Product filter element. The latter helps to refine the search by prices, relevance, categories, availability, special offers, colors, sizes and more. 
You instantly get more filters, as you update your products with new product options.
If you run a multi-brand store with diverse inventories of 50+ items, the Product filter element is just what you need to provide an excellent shopping experience to your clients and grow your sales.

Is your shopping cart secure?

We utilize SSL throughout the checkout process to ensure that a customer's personal information is always encrypted. Besides this, Ucraft is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validated Level 1 Service Provider.
Ucraft does not store or process cardholder data but provides payment applications that allow a customer to communicate directly with the payment processor, or by securely re-transmitting cardholder data to the payment processor directly.

How often do I get charged?
The payment frequency depends on the plan type you’ve subscribed to. You will be billed automatically once a month if you are on a monthly subscription plan and once a year if you have subscribed to an annual plan.

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