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How to create a logo for free?

How to create a logo for free?

Easy steps to make a Logo with Ucraft within seconds:

  1. Click ‘Create a logo’ & get creative

  2. Search for a unique icon & add it to canvas

  3. Add text and enter your business name

  4. Customize the text: change the font, size and color

  5. Choose a shape you wish to add

  6. Resize and rearrange your design elements

  7. Check out your logo on dark and white background

  8. Hit ‘Preview’ to see how your design looks like

  9. Download your logo in PNG or SVG formats

  10. Review us on Trustpilot

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Generate your logo or emblem

Build a brand
Every brand has its identifier - the logo. Establish your company’s identity and make a bold statement with a brand new logo created with Ucraft to get recognized both offline and on the web.
Promote your business
A unique and creative logo is the key part of your marketing strategy. Stand out from the crowd with your custom designed signature logo and attract new clients.
Use it everywhere
Create a killer logo in a blink of an eye, export and use it wherever you want in digital and printed formats: be it for your company’s overall branding, your website or the next marketing campaign.
Be memorable
Stand out from your competitors and grab your customers’ attention with a fresh, well-designed logo. A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why a beautiful logo is worth more than a thousand PR texts.
Create an Instagram logo
Logo maker by Ucraft is a perfect tool to create a stunning logo for your social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or even Twitch and download it as a PNG or an SVG file.
Inspire others
Dive into the creative process, explore all the possibilities of our Logo Maker and create something truly inspiring. Share it with friends and give them helpful tips on how to create their very own logos with Ucraft.

Unique icons for all your needs!


Frequently asked questions

Sure, Ucraft Logo Maker is a perfect choice both for designers and newbies! All you need to do is select an icon, write your company name and a motto and you are ready to export!
Yes, it is! You can create an amazing logo in PNG format totally for free or get it as an SVG file for just $12.
We have over 1 million of icons available for you to use while designing your logo. Use the icon search in the logo creator app to find the perfect icon to go with!
You can get your logo either as a PNG or an SVG file.
After saving the file, you will get a 600px wide file with auto height, depending on the actual proportions of your logo.
Yes, you are the owner of your creation! Export the logo and reuse it wherever you want!
You may not trademark any unmodified icons you have chosen from our icon-set. The designer of the original icon holds all legal rights to his or her own work. But once you have modified the icon, you can claim it as a subject of ownership. By the way, you can create a website for your business using our website builder.
Yes, it is available to everyone. Don’t worry, there are millions of icons, so we are sure you will find a unique one!
No need to worry! We’re never more than a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat in the lower right corner of this page and our Support Team will be there to help! In addition, you can check our detailed Help Article about the Ucraft Logo Maker.
The logos created with Ucraft have a transparent background by default! On some environments, depending on your operation system, .png files may not be displayed correctly. This behavior is common for some Windows and Linux image viewers. So the logo most probably is not damaged and will work just fine on the web and different editors.
Your will get a 600px wide .PNG file with transparent background, good for online use on your website, Instagram profile pic, email signature, etc. While .svg is a high-res scalable vector file, good for online use as well as print or anything else. Plus, it can be completely customized later on!

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