Designer Tools 

A nifty set of tools to add a unique designer touch to your website.


Play around the font styles, size and colors, edit texts, headings and paragraphs or simply set your typography rules throughout the whole website!


Every single detail on your website matters, so make sure to customize all your form fields and buttons to achieve the desired look and feel!


Fine-tune your page layout like a pro and make it stand out in style within a few clicks. Your site, your grid, your rules!

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What are the Designer Tools?
Nifty tools we've created to help designers style each and every element exactly the way they want it. Think of it as Photoshop for your web pages. You can set your website layout, play around with fonts, text sizes and colors, change borders and forms, customize buttons etc. To sum it up, you can manage and arrange every element to fit your design expectations perfectly!
Can I try them out for free?
Definitely, the same way as with our website builder! You’ll have a 14-day free trial period, which would be more than enough for you to play around and figure out how everything works.
What exactly falls under the Designer Tools? 
The Designer Tools package is comprised of three different comprehensive tools: Typography, Ui Kit and Layout, that enable editing everything from fonts, size and spacing to color shades and opacity levels.
Can I still use them if I’m not a designer?
Yes, that’s one of the reasons we've created them. We want everyone to be able to put their design preferences to work, and create a website that reflects their style. The interface of our Designer Tools is very intuitive, so you’ll master it in no time.
Are the Designer Tools available only for website plans? 
Nope, you can make use of them no matter whether your on the free or paid plan. The purpose of the Designer Tools is to help you create the best website possible, that’s why we offer them to everyone for just $2.99 per month.
Can I use the Designer Tools I've purchased for all the websites under my account?
Designer Tools is a subscription per website, which means it refers only to the site you've activated it for and and want to customize it design-wise!