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Top 5 tips to create converting landing pages

Top 5 tips to create converting landing pages

When building your website, landing pages are a great way to educate your visitors and get them to do what you want. Whether that’s purchase a product, learn more about your service, contact you for a demo, or any other action, you want to create a landing page that converts your viewers into customers. Without converting your customer, a landing page is simply useless. You don’t want that!

So what should you keep in mind when building a landing page? We’ll break down the key steps below and help you create a landing page in under 30min. Follow these, and you’ll be converting viewers into leads like a PRO.

Write killer content about your offer

As soon as your visitors land on your pages, it is always a good practice to show them a short, user-friendly content! Using informative, yet converting headings makes it easy for your visitors to quickly learn what is your page about! Remember, this is your first opportunity to show your new potential customer your amazing product, service or SaaS.

Have an attractive Call to Action

When creating a landing page, your first question should be, “what do I want my viewer to do?”. 

Once you answer this question, you can create what you call a call-to-action button, ie. CTA.

Having either a form or a simple button is a great way to prompt your viewers to give you information you need to convert them to customers. Retaining this information is also useful for follow ups and email blasts.

Don’t make these landing page mistakes of asking for too much from your customer. Too long or complicated forms, pop-up windows, wrong color schemes and long paragraphs are proven to deter customers from your landing page. While those tactics may seem necessary to convert, choosing a more subtle CTA pays off in the long run.

Keep it Minimal

Don’t attempt to tell your reader absolutely everything there is to know about your company on the landing page. If you create a good landing page, they will be inclined to browse around your site’s features page, about us, etc.

Use meaningful images to show what it is that you do, and simple text to explain it. As beautiful as a stock image or background can be, people are on your site to learn about you, so use real, images. When you can use real photos, do. When icons or graphics make more sense, make sure they make sense and fit with your design.

When it comes to text use an easy to read, on brand, font. Less is more when it comes to copy. Be engaging, informative, and make sure your tone makes sense for your brand.

Focus on features and benefits of your company. If you are a creative company, something casual or quirky works well. For a more corporate company, use easy to understand sentences without any heavy jargon. 

You don’t want to lose anyone because they don’t understand. You’re the expert, not them.

Use clean and modern website templates that are meant to be simplistic, modern, and effective. Use that mantra when creating your landing pages.


Sleek images, minimal text, clean buttons, and a simple color scheme make your landing page easy to the eye and adds credibility.
Take inspiration from your competitors and do research about what designs do best for your industry. In most cases, having an effective design is more important than being the most unique.


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