Why 2023 was a pivotal year for Ucraft: our yearly recap


2023 was a big year for Ucraft. 

No, that’s an understatement. 2023 was the biggest year since perhaps the founding of Ucraft. And here are all the reasons why.



The Breakthrough of the Year

Finally, after years of hard work and consistent innovation, we have launched our game-changing new eCommerce SaaS solution. Featuring a range of powerful eCommerce, design, content, and web management tools, Ucraft Next is already helping entrepreneurs and innovators across the world to create amazing web experiences, level up their online ventures, and reach their business goals.



The Website of the Year

New product, new website. Producing a website that could do justice to all the powers of Ucraft Next was no easy feat, but our team of rockstar developers, designers, and marketers happens to be really, really good at making websites. And since it’s better to see once than hear (or read) a hundred times, go take a look at our website and let us know what you think.



The Meta Moment of the Year

We are always up for more innovation. So, when we had the opportunity to launch Ucraft Next in the FastexVerse, we quite literally jumped on it. If you’re in for some virtual adventures, go enter the metaverse, create your own avatar, and visit our beautiful space, where you can walk around, interact with our friendly droid, get inspired by Ucraft-made websites and even order one for yourself.



The Service of the Year

As fast and easy as it is to build websites and online stores with Ucraft Next, some entrepreneurs are too busy running their business to take even a few hours out of their day to design a website, write content, deal with SEO, or do anything else. That’s where U: Creative lab comes in. 


Emerging from the roots of Ucraft Shop, a trusted provider of web design services since 2018, U: Creative Lab offers services like website creation, eCommerce store development, template tuning, logo design, website enhancement, and more.



The Partnership of the Year

Ucraft is on Fiverr Certified! Yes, yes – we have joined industry giants like Amazon, Stripe, and WooCommerce in partnering with the Fiverr Certified program and launching a co-branded talent marketplace for a range of web services.


Now, you can hire Ucraft experts directly through the trusted Fiverr platform and have them build you a website or online store from scratch. Our world-class pros can also assist you in designing logos and brand identities, updating existing websites, migrating websites and stores, or providing eCommerce consultations.



The Event of the Year

Microsoft, Netflix, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Booking.com, Yandex, LKI Consulting and, of course, Ucraft. The list of global tech leaders represented by the speakers of the Jump Developer Conference is enough to make it the event of the year not just for Ucraft, but the whole tech community of Armenia.

With a lineup of exceptional speakers, a full-day agenda packed with discussions of the trendiest topics, 300 participants, and endless networking opportunities, Jump 2023 was definitely an event to remember.



The Guide of the Year

Our series of video tutorials with detailed instructions on how to make the best of Ucraft Next is just another step in our endless quest to make website building as problem-free as possible. And yes, making things easy for Ucraft users is so important to us, that we are including a Youtube playlist in our list of key accomplishments.



The Collection of the Year


Throughout the year, our design team was busy crafting feature-packed and ready-to-sell web templates customized to the business needs of various industries. Each of these professionally designed and fully customizable templates is based on rigorous industry research and a wealth of evidence-based knowledge of what it takes to build a successful online business.

Explore the continuously updated collection here.



The Conversations of the Year

Prior to the launch of Ucraft Next, we conducted comprehensive user research. We held 60 in-depth interviews and user testing sessions with users from different backgrounds, languages, and industries. Their valuable feedback on user experience, potential bugs, and translation accuracy helped us fine-tune Ucraft Next before making it available to the public.



The Inspiration of the Year

Nothing motivates us more than seeing our users bring their visions to life with Ucraft. And to help their stories inspire even more entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, we started a social media series called Success with U where real people reveal the real journeys behind their online triumphs.


We thank each and every one of these visionaries for choosing Ucraft and for sharing their remarkable experiences.



The Last Paragraph of the Year

Well, that’s it for this year. It was truly a great one.

Thank you for standing with us as we build the future of doing business online. Happy holidays, and see you in 2024.

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