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A tasty and artsy template to represent your culinary business in a delicious way.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
Cooking is art made edible, while Patar is a template turned into art.
This template will give you more reasons to love life in Greece visiting To Thryliko, let the local sunrises and sunsets, delicious food and incredibly nice people enchant you.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
An enchanting restaurant template with gorgeous views and gastronomic images.
And the name of the game is Burgers! Choose this template to represent your restaurant or bar in a delicious and trendy way.
Designer Tato
Tags Restaurant, Featured
We all love burgers, right? This template will make you want to go get one right now!
Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. That's what Benjamin Franklin once said. Do you agree?
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant
As a good wine needs some good cheese, so a good restaurant needs a good website.
Great things start with small beginnings. Get this chocolate teamplate for your business website and make the ball rolling.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Blog
All you need is love but a little chocolate doesn't hurt. Come on! Start a sweet website!
Make your website look colorful and funny! This ice cream template seems to be pretty cool, huh? Come on, get in and share the happiness.
Designer Emma
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
Extract happiness from common things like this funny ice cream template!
Use this restaurant template that's fully customizable and easy to set up and create an amazing website with just a few clicks.
Designer Tato
Tags Business, Restaurant
Take your business to new heights with this tasty template!
Whether your restaurant is upscale, dripping with ambiance and panache, or more modest, restaurant website designs should highlight your most popular and unusual menu choices. Exquisite images of your showcased dishes are vital to the success of your dining facility.
Designer Hovo
Tags Business, Restaurant
Create a restaurant website, that will attract the ones you are happy to host.

Show off your menu

Having a menu on your website is an imperative. It’s a great way to advertise the specialties and give people an idea what your restaurant is best known for.

Attract customers online

Create the best restaurant website for your business. A restaurant website will build your online presence and make it easy for new customers to find you.

Amazing food pics

Attract customers by putting up quality images of all the amazing food that you offer. You can also use a photo of your restaurant as a background for your website.

Online reservations

The best thing about having a restaurant website is the online reservation feature. This way people can book a table on the go, without dialing the number.

Give it a personal touch

With ucraft you'll get the best restaurant website designs, so all you need is to be creative. Add a unique 'About Us' page. Your customers want to know who the people behind that amazing food are.

Integrate social media

Connect all your social media accounts to your website, especially TripAdvisor, Yelp and such, and make it easy for everyone to see your best review.


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Website for a restaurant? Of course! Although a restaurant is an offline business, you’ll most certainly need a website. Most people first search for restaurants online, before they go out.
Building a restaurant website is the best thing you can do for you business. Your restaurant website will reach new audience that you otherwise wouldn’t.
Of course. Besides your contact information, map, online reservations etc., you can run a contest or give away coupons to your loyal customers.

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