5 Mistakes That Will Ruin An Otherwise Perfect Blog Post

Written by  Lina Abascal

30 November 2015

5 Mistakes That Will Ruin An Otherwise Perfect Blog Post
There’s nothing more disappointing than ruining an otherwise perfect blog post with a careless or amateur mistake. While we are quite forgiving, your readers can be ruthless. Make sure to take note of these five most common mistakes and make sure you aren’t scaring away readers and your content is living up to its potential.
Your Blog Is Hard to Read
This can mean a lot of things, but in this case, we mean hard to read visually. People don’t like big chunks of text, it’s intimidating and difficult on the eyes. They also don’t like bright backgrounds or complicated fonts. Take a cue from blogger platform Medium and when in doubt, choose a simple black font on a white background. Splice media like photos or embedded videos between every few paragraphs, this will make your content appear easier and quicker to read, and won’t intimidate your readers.

Your Blog Has Errors
Even if you love your blog and are so excited to hit publish, double check your work. Spelling or grammar errors can prompt otherwise happy readers to lose trust or interest. Factual errors are also a big red flag. If you cite any facts or quotes, make sure they are fact checked and accurate. If you aren’t completely sure, just omit them from your story, it’s definitely better safe than sorry. There are so many inaccurate and unprofessional blogs, don’t have yours be one of them.

Your Headline Isn’t Catchy
The headline of your blog is the first thing your potential readers are going to see. If you headline is too boring or generic, noone is going to click. If your headline is inaccurate and doesn’t represent what is truly in the content, readers will drop off upon realizing. Depending on the tone of your website or brand, try to create a headline that is both accurate, uses your brand voice, and is catchy. This will prompt readers to click. Content empires like Vice and Buzzfeed are the masters of this.

Not Having an Explainer Paragraph
Sometimes, a headline is not enough to give potential readers an idea of what’s to come. Don’t risk losing readers because they don’t know what amazing content is on the way. After your title or headline, explain to your readers in a catchy way what they are about to read. This is your time to capture your audience incase your title or photos didn’t get the job done, so be aware. This also makes for a get SEO meta description or sample social media copy for when sharing.

Your Topic is Too Generic
There’s a whole lot of content on the internet. It makes sense to write about a topic you know people are interested in, but if you choose something too generic, it ultimately won’t be very interesting, and is also competing with the masses of similar content online. Figure out what your niche is, and focus on that. Once your readers begin to associate you with that niche, you can keep reaching that audience and grow your readership.

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