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CEO & Founder

A thinker, a doer, and a real Rasta man, Gev is almost as addicted to reggae as he is to inventive technology. If you don’t see him behind a screen, you might see him behind the mic at a random jazz club on the weekends. Not that typical CEO, he’s super friendly, with a cool vibe and outlandish style.

Co-Founder, Art Director

Audio addict, windsurfing fanatic, and an expert snowboarder, Mher has so many talents it’s annoying. And he has this cute but strong stubbornness: doesn’t matter how curvy the road is, everything he wants he gets.

Chief Technical Officer

A bit of a philosopher, Armen is a nervous but pretty responsible guy, who is the defender of all the developers of Ucraft. If he could he would eat fries all day every day. In his free time he likes to escape the reality by spending time as a gamer. And most importantly, the whole team loves him.

Marketing Director

A real enthusiast for her job, Gog is a quick-witted girl with a strong sense of humor which most of people around consider dark. If you ever see the list of her tasks per day, you can’t help but wonder how this pretty little thing manages it all.


The vitamin C of ucraft, Tatev picks up the team with her bright vibe and ready-to-go jokes. This cute little creature is always happy, and we challenge anyone to remain grumpy in her presence. They will fail. But don’t ever try to mess with her: she’s tiny like a mouse but kicks like a kanguru.

Motion graphic designer

This nervous, very nervous brilliant creature can give out positive vibes when needed. And maybe I was not clear before about how nervous he is: every time someone touches his nervous tick this radiant guy explodes like a real bomb.

UX/UI Designer

Besides being one of the most honest people you’ll ever meet, Hovo seems to be well-informed from every field possible. From UI/UX to world history, you can talk to him about anything. Maybe that’s why people always seek for his opinion: he’s always full of useful insight.

Head of Business Development

This guy somehow found the perfect balance between having fun and getting the job done. Everyone knows that he has been blessed with a brilliant business mind so if you run out of ideas, go straight to Ash. Remind him about that the next day, then the other day, the other day and finally you will have something worthy.

Front-end Architecture Owner

Ash is the ready-to-do-anything-for-a-friend kind of guy. And he has an impeccable sense of humor: he tells the world’s longest anecdotes so slow that at the end everyone is laughing not at the joke, but at the way he’s telling it.


Avik is the grandpa of Ucraft. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that he’s old. He’s just one of the most important buttons on the keyboard, without which everything would fall apart. Simply put, he’s one of a kind.


The perfect woman: tougher than any guy and tender like a bride-to-be. Armine possesses the inevitable catwalk-ready hair while kicking everyone’s asses at table foosball.

Back-End Developer

Hailing from Rajasthan, India, Gaurav is a passionate coder and married to a very understanding woman who lets him spend his downtime playing video games and watching action thrillers.

Front-End Developer

Tigran has swapped the thug-life of the chess world for the even more dangerous world of computer programming. Another MMORPG game-addict. Just don’t say ‘No’ to this face. Maybe Email him instead.

Ara Aslanyan
Growth Hacker / Designer

If you happen to talk to Ara and think that he’s listening to you, know that even at that moment crazy creative ideas are still running up and down the stairs of his mind. And don’t let his white curly hair fool you: he has the youngest soul.

JS Developer

This two-time gymnastic champion can seem a bit egoistic from time to time. But after the first morning coffee his friendly smile can brighten anyone’s day. After all, he has the kindest heart.


She is sensitive, tender, beautiful and talented, but weird things are always happening to her. You should keep her safe, safe from harm, otherwise she can easily break and sound the alarm.


As a human he is an Avant-garde, as an artist he is a traditional- revolutionary. If you want to find him on color palette he is somewhere between white, golden, transparent and silver.

Front-end Developer

Besides writing ambitious JS and pure CSS, Hovo also really really wants to get married. He hasn’t found the right person yet, but he’s still looking. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a husband like Hovo? He’s the nicest, most positive person to have around.

Back-end developer

When asked the questions, “Do you have any talents?” Tiko answered, “All the talents rooted from me.” And this pretty much sums up who Tiko is: “extra humble”. And you might also want to know that he was a sniper when in the army.

front-end developer

Blonde, with green eyes, Sos, is one of the movieholics we have: I mean he watches a movie every single night, literally. The Time Traveler's Wife, Focus and Southpaw are his favorites. He’s also a pretty good driver and loves speed.

back-end developer

When the lights go off and Hayk is alone, he thinks about getting rich. The camera loves him: he thinks so. And on friday nights you can find him dancing his heart out at the best clubs of Yerevan: he’s a playboy who dances latino.

front-end developer

Mika has the best sense of humor, or at least we think so: one can’t keep a straight face when with him. He’s also a big football fan. All in all, he’s a great person with whom everyone wants to be friends with.


From the outside, strict and to the point, from the inside, a romantic who is obsessed with Vogue, great movies and writings by Dostoevsky. And that’s not all about Sona: American-Indian music gets her going when she does her magic with graphic design.

Growth Hacker

The saying, “All black, everything,” is about Ita. Our fearless growth hacker is like a ticking bomb who can’t sit still for a minute. Her energy towards her work motivates the whole team. One more thing, if there are spiders, she’ll take care of them.

Front-end developer

Mike is not a fan of cold: you’ll see him wearing layers on top of layers. One of the most punctual people you’ll ever meet at Ucraft, he also has a hearing of an owl, which is why he talks really low.

Product owner

This model-like girl has the sweetest Russian accent you’ve ever heard. The tattoo of Dory, from “Finding Nemo”, on her shoulder, which represents her forgetful self, keeps everyone wondering.

Customer Support Specialist

Sophie is the girl who practices yoga and can find any information about anyone through Internet by just knowing their first name. She’s the nicest soul to have around who’ll turn on her stalker mode when needed.

Growth Hacker

The youngest member of our team, Mash is a curly head who always complains about how she most definitely failed a test and ends up getting 100 out of 100. Her strong sense of leadership and her caring heart create a perfect combination.

Head of Customer Success Team

This Ucraft babe is a lover of contrast in everything. Lena can be a morning coffee drinker to evening wine enthusiast. She can be in classy suits one day and in oversized hoodies the next. She can also be from a total city bird to a tropical gal. By the way, her team calls her “mama bear.”

Content Manager

This cute little thing is a real patriot and knows the value of real friendship. Don’t tell anyone, but deep in her heart she dreams of being a writer, and that’s something she definitely can do. Just sit with her for a while and have a conversation about anything and you’ll drown in the cosmic energy she believes in!


A working mom of two, Nana, travels at nights as a free spirit through the dark sky with ufos in their undiscovered flying objects. She has inexplicable extra sense and supernatural abilities and ... let’s stop here in order not to lose our sense of reality.

We are hiring!

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