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CEO & Founder

A thinker, a doer, and a real Rasta man, Gev is almost as addicted to reggae as he is to inventive technology. If you don’t see him behind a screen, you might see him behind the mic at a random jazz club on the weekends.

Co-Founder, Art Director

Audio Addict, Windsurfing fanatic, and an expert Snowboarder, Mher has so many talents it’s annoying. He loves all things nature and enjoys a close relationship with trees.

Chief Technical Officer

A bit of a philosopher, Armen loves soccer, skiing, and driving. In his free time, he likes to escape reality by spending time as a gamer. If you’ve ever seen him drive a motorcycle, you know he takes speed very very seriously.

Marketing Director

Positive, lively and endlessly energetic, Gog is a quick-witted lady with a sharp sense of humour. A self-professed extrovert, the only time you will see Gog quiet is when she’s engrossed in a movie. She never misses a premiere and even turns her hand to acting  when she’s not busy in the office.


The vitamin C of ucraft, Tatev picks up the team with her bright vibe and ready-to-go jokes. This cute little creature is always happy, and we challenge anyone to remain grumpy in her presence. They will fail.

Motion graphic designer

This animation geek will turn your ideas into reality. Emin comes armed with a sharp poker game and a killer sense of humour. Don’t fret if you see an evil minion at the office. It’s probably just Emin, working on his next evil animation. Probably.

UX/UI Designer

As well as being a gargantuan Photoshop geek, Hovo is major cinephile, history Buff, jazz fanatic and ale aficionado. We pay Hovo in beer because, as he says ‘money tastes gross’.

Head of Business Development

It seems like this guy just got back from Sicily. Ash has been blessed with a brilliant business mind, a contagious laugh, and the most adorable daughter you’ve ever seen in your life.

Front-end Architecture Owner

The 'I-will-do-it-all' guy. He spends his time pushing web standards and advocating for clean code. Ash is a bit of a music maverick. If he’s not tinkering around on the piano, or playing his guitar, he’ll just be chilling out Bob Marley (because if you don’t listen to Bob Marley at ucraft, you get fired).


Avik is an honest, calm, and balanced developer who can write code for 24 hours straight without realizing a day has passed. OK, so maybe he isn’t that balanced. Get some sleep, Avik.


As of yet, Armine is our only female QA. She possesses the enviable ability to maintain her catwalk-ready hair while kicking everyone’s asses at table soccer.

Back-End Developer

Hailing from Rajasthan, India, Gaurav is a passionate coder and married to a very understanding woman who lets him spend his downtime playing video games and watching action thrillers.

Front-End Developer

Tigran has swapped the thug-life of the chess world for the even more dangerous world of computer programming. Another MMORPG game-addict. Just don’t say ‘No’ to this face. Maybe Email him instead.

Ara Aslanyan
Growth Hacker / Designer

Our curly-haired Ara is a pixel-pushing optimist obsessed with Facebook. His weird and wonderful mind makes him a one-of-a-kind character that we’re grateful to have around, especially on Monday mornings. If he’s not designing, he’s probably contemplating his next big party to celebrate nothing in particular.

JS Developer

This guy is a two-time gymnastic champion. and he is still truly grateful to his trainer who taught him how to be as responsible, determined and persistent as he is now. These characteristics don’t only refer to him as a sportsman, but also a person in general.


She is sensitive, tender, beautiful and talented, but weird things are always happening to her. You should keep her safe, safe from harm, otherwise she can easily break and sound the alarm.


As a human he is an Avant-garde, as an artist he is a traditional- revolutionary. If you want to find him on color palette he is somewhere between white, golden, transparent and silver.

Front-end Developer

This fellow loves writing ambitious JS and pure CSS. He’s also passionate about cooking, which can be quite a useful hobby if you consider yourself a gourmand.

We are hiring!

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