How to Make Money Online During Self-Isolation

How to Make Money Online During Self-Isolation


A lot has changed over the past couple of months, including how people usually work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people find themselves either working remotely (in the best case scenario), or temporarily unemployed. Either way, a lot of people find that they have some free time on their hands, as well as a greater need for additional income streams. 


Making money online is more relevant than ever in these uncertain times, yet it is not as difficult as you may imagine. Not only can it be pretty easy, but you could discover a range of income streams that provide more profit in comparison to the workload, or even generate passive income while you are away from the screen. This also applies to taking your business online, which we discuss at the end; after all, creating an online presence for your business is always beneficial - quarantine or no quarantine. 


Now that we have covered the “why”, it’s time to dive into the “how”. Let’s look at some of the best ways to make money online, and how to make money from home in general.

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Become a freelancer


Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably have a skill or two that are monetizable. The first and most surefire way of making some income online is engaging in freelance work. Rather than working on a regular salary basis, you are paid by the customer via other metrics such as hours spent on the project or words written (in the case of copywriters). 


There are various platforms you can use to register as a freelancer, but some of the best and most trusted ones are UpworkFreelancer and Fiverr. Likewise, having a LinkedIn profile is always a plus. Simply create an account, offer your services and clients will begin to contact you. These platforms are, to some extent, online versions of your CV, so make sure to include the most recent and necessary information concerning you as a professional. Work experience and skills are a must when it comes to creating your profile, so make sure to mention everything you can offer. 


Now, let’s look at some of the different ways to earn money online when choosing this direction. 

Content writing 


If you like to write, there is definitely a job out there for you. Individuals and companies alike often search for freelance content writers or copywriters to provide them with various texts: from website content, to blog articles, to press releases. It’s better to have some experience in the field, but you can also start from scratch if writing is something that you like to do.



Social media management (SMM)


You might have a knack for producing great social media content and gaining followers. If that’s the case, consider working as a freelance social media manager. You can plan out posts for various pages and companies, and even learn how to set up Google and Facebook ads (all of this can be learned via a Youtube tutorial or two). You might find that it’s quite easy to do, and also pays pretty well. 



Are you a specialist in a particular field? Maybe you have a knack for finance, or some great digital marketing skills. Whatever the sphere of your expertise, there are probably hundreds - if not thousands - of people looking to hire freelance consultants to help them make their business grow. Consider a platform like Clarity, which is great for promoting your consulting services. 

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If you are fluent in more than one language, this is your time to shine. Many people still prefer manual translations over tools such as Google translate, which often give illogical, direct translations that have to be edited over and over again. Sign up to a freelance platform as a translator, and watch the requests come in. 

Website design 


Now is the perfect time to offer web design services, considering that many businesses are creating online platforms due to worldwide lockdowns. If you have some experience in designing websites, and an eye for good UI/UX design, offering this type of service is definitely worth considering. Not only are you making some extra income, but you are also building your portfolio, which is beneficial for future jobs. 

Graphic design 


Similar to web design, graphic designers are also in demand right now. Companies are producing more online content than ever before, which creates a demand for social media visuals, infographics and other visuals. If you have experience in graphic design, or have some sort of knowledge when it comes to Photoshop, don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

Above are just some of the freelance services that businesses are searching for right now, but don’t be discouraged if your skill has not been listed. There is a niche out there for everyone, and someone is definitely searching for what you can offer. Make sure to create profiles on a couple of freelance platforms, and you will see clients coming in. 



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Complete online surveys


If you want to learn how to make money now, this option will be your best friend: a great way to make some instant income is to take online surveys. Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t. Platforms such as Swagbucks act as a middleman between individuals and companies, allowing you to provide useful information in exchange for some cash. This is due to the fact that many companies want to learn about their potential customers and their preferences, but they also understand that people are not inherently enthusiastic about providing their feedback for nothing in return. By giving your opinion, you are providing these companies with valuable information, and they are often willing to pay for it.

Test websites


As well as filling in surveys, you can also choose to test different websites and provide your feedback. Not only do the actual companies benefit from your feedback, but their users also get a better user experience whilst browsing the website. Start testing websites from the comfort of your own home by signing up to a platform like UserTesting. You will be required to visit the website, complete a couple of tasks and provide your feedback, after which you will be paid. 

Sell old items online


It’s very likely that you have some old stuff lying around your house, or even new items that you have purchased but never used. It is useful to remember that all of these discarded items have value, and you can turn that value into currency by selling them on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, PoshmarkMercari and more. Register on these platforms, or find your country’s alternatives and upload your items. Make sure to provide all of the details (including the condition of the item) and take good quality pictures. Good luck selling!



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Offer tutoring sessions


Most schools and universities have closed down, which means that parents across the globe are searching for online tutors to help their kids graduate or motivate them to learn a new skill. There is a wide variety of subjects you can offer tutoring sessions for, including English (and other languages), math, science, history, music and more. All you need is a laptop, webcam and an enthusiasm for teaching. Tutor and Udemy are good options you can start with, so make sure to register and promote your services. 

Create online courses 


Aside from tutoring, you can also offer a service of educational value by recording online courses. Many people are taking the time to better themselves right now and want to learn a specific skill. You can teach people about anything you want, but some great ideas include: 


  • Search engine optimization 

  • Digital marketing 

  • Blog writing and monetization 

  • Accounting

  • Photography

  • Video editing

  • Language learning 

  • Cooking 

  • Fitness coaching 


These are just a few examples in a whole pool of potential courses you can record for people to watch, learn and pay for. A great platform to consider is Skillshare, where you get paid per minutes watched. Not only are you generating extra income, but you are also providing something of value and getting your name out there.

Sell photographs 


If you have dabbled in the world of photography and have some cool shots saved in your files, now is the time to monetize them. As mentioned above, visuals are more important than ever, which means lots of people are looking for images to use for their content (including us - shout out to Unsplash). Consider signing up for stock photography platforms such as ShutterstockiStockPhoto and Unsplash and selling your photographs there. Not only do people appreciate your talent, but it also generates a stream of passive income which is always helpful, especially during uncertain times. 


You can also consider creating an online portfolio, which is great for exposure and driving traffic to your platform. Ucraft has a selection of great ready-made photography templates, so check them out if you are interested. 



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Transfer your retail store online 


If you are a store owner and have faced significant cut-backs due to the coronavirus, fear not. Even if your physical store is closed down, you can create an eCommerce store and sell your inventory online. All you have to do is prepare your products, take some high-quality photographs and upload them onto your eCommerce website. The world of online shopping is booming right now, so with the right digital marketing and operations management, you can make more profit than ever before by selling your products online. You can even hire freelancers to do the marketing for you, leaving you and your team to take care of the technical aspects. 


Ucraft offers an eCommerce plan with various different shipping options for different locations and preferences (including dropshipping), so consider creating an eCommerce website and making some sales during lockdown. 

Transfer your restaurant online


Just like with retail stores, you can also create an online platform for your cafe or restaurant and deliver food straight to people’s homes. All you need is a good website, an updated version of your menu (with photographs, descriptions and prices) and a delivery option. Some businesses choose to work with food delivery companies, such as Uber Eats or Postmates, but setting up your own website is another way to go. 

Emergency cases


If you feel like you are struggling and need some income to get by, make sure to look into what your country has to offer. Whether it’s an unemployment plan or loan opportunity, it is essential to be informed of the opportunities you have and apply for aid as soon as possible. More often than not, your country will offer at least some form of assistance, so be aware of your aid options. 



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So that’s a wrap! 15 different ways to make money online during quarantine. We hope you found this article useful, and will pursue one or more of these options. We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone right now, and we are trying to support our users the best we can (whilst also offering some helpful advice). Don’t be too hard on yourself during quarantine, but consider grabbing the opportunity and learning how to make extra money online. And if you need any helping adjusting to this new lifestyle, check out another blog post we published earlier: How to Remain Positive and Productive in the Midst of a Pandemic.


Good luck!