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The 3 deadliest landing page mistakes

The 3 deadliest landing page mistakes

Before we get into how you can kill potential leads and business opportunities just through your landing page, let’s discuss what a landing page is. A landing page is a typically 1 page long website that companies or businesses direct clients to. A landing page usually has the company name, logo, a small description or list of features, and a call to action (typically a form to fill out to be contacted, or something to download such as a software or a white paper). 

Pretty simple page, right? Well even though this page is typically just a few sentences, a few far too common mistakes will have potential leads closing out of your page before you know it. Thankfully, these mistakes are easy to fix or avoid completely.


Requiring Too Much Effort

People do not love filling out long forms. Not at the DMV, and definitely not online. If your call to action requires too much time or effort from your reader, you are likely to lose them. Asking for too much information also falls under this category. If you require any sensitive or personal information, you better be a reputable company, because users are unlikely to fork over their secrets on a landing page for fear of fraud or spam.


Too Long or Detailed

This is a landing page, not your full on website. While it can be hard to contain your excitement for your product or business, less is definitely more when it comes to a landing page. Often, landing pages are so short the reader doesn’t need to scroll at all to see all the information. Too much text, too many links, and distracting imagery all will overwhelm your reader, and more often than not, cause them to just give up and close out.


Your Focus is Unclear

Make sure as you are mapping out and writing your landing page, you are very aware of what you want your focus to be. Do you want to quickly describe your business and what you do? That is best if your company is not well known or product or service is not obvious. Do you want to focus on adding credibility to your business? This helps motivate readers to follow your call to action as they will trust you more. Focusing on this is best if your readers likely already know what you do, or if your testimonials explain it for you. Do you just want to make sure they fill out a form or download something? Focus on the benefit or results of doing so, and as we mentioned above, make it simple.

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