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When there are pets, there's always warmth and fun. Check out this cuteness overload and share love towards our furry friends.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Health, Blog, Featured
A special template for pet lovers and anyone involved in pet care business
This template is inspired by Benoit Mandelbrot, one of the greatest scientists of 20th century
Designer Emma
Tags Personal, Featured
Success is a beautiful gift to humanity
This designer website is a powerful force to drive new ideas towards something weird still beautiful.
Designer Tatev
Tags Portfolio, Design, Personal, Art, Featured
Showcase your work in a stunning way using this template.
Check out this trendsetting template that comes to combine art and design in a perfect way.
Designer Njteh
Tags Portfolio, Design, Blog, Featured
Bright solutions for web designers to showcase their work.
Victor Winehouse template has rich and authentic looks, exactly like the taste of the wines.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Portfolio, Personal, Featured
The whole story of wine, inalterable quality in time and values.
Housella template can be a fantastic choice for your swank real estate website.
Designer Mher
Tags Business, Travel, Featured
A perfectly sophisticated and minimalist layout for any architectural business ideas.
This template will give you more reasons to love life in Greece visiting To Thryliko, let the local sunrises and sunsets, delicious food and incredibly nice people enchant you.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
An enchanting restaurant template with gorgeous views and gastronomic images.
Take advantage of this trendsetting template to create a great blog on fashion, lifestyle, travelling and much more.
Designer Njteh
Tags Personal, Blog, Featured
The modern men came to prove that they're in control of style as well.
And the name of the game is Burgers! Choose this template to represent your restaurant or bar in a delicious and trendy way.
Designer Tato
Tags Restaurant, Featured
We all love burgers, right? This template will make you want to go get one right now!
A basketball legend Bill Russel once said that the only important statistic is the final score, while ucraft insists that the only important statistic is the good website!
Designer Tatev
Tags Sports, Featured
A team, history, scores, a game for life and a template that covers it all!
Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable feeling of comfort and warmth. Use this template to showcase rentals according the modern esthetic standards.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Travel, Featured
Rent a house, make it Home!
With much love in our hearts for Bang&Olufsen, we have created this clean website template. Oh yes! B&O inspires us a lot...
Designer Mher
Tags Business, Portfolio, Design, Featured
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. And B&O hits make you happy!
You are a photographer and when you have a camera in your hands you know no fear? This photography website teamplate is for you!
Designer Njteh
Tags Photography, Portfolio, Personal, Art, Blog, Featured
In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people.
You are into anything that is connected with cars? You not only drive them but also learn about them? This personal template is for you!
Designer Emma
Tags Portfolio, Personal, Sports, Blog, Featured
Cars, good music and a long road... Isn't it all you need to be high on life?
Make your website look colorful and funny! This ice cream template seems to be pretty cool, huh? Come on, get in and share the happiness.
Designer Emma
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
Extract happiness from common things like this funny ice cream template!

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