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Designer Emma
Tags Business, App
In our era of tech inovations, you just can't do wiothout a striking website for your new app.
A handsome template for all the supreme barbershops out there: from introducing your crew and services to making online appointments, it will have your business covered!
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Blog, Featured
How important an individually picked hair and beard style may be to a man? Same as a right template for your website.
This template is all about building a unique image and a reputation for your business, making it stand out with a unique style and culture.
Designer Emma
Tags Business, Portfolio, Design, Personal, Blog, Featured
A shout out to all the freelance designers and branding specialists to build a jaw-dropping intro-website!
A tasty and artsy template to represent your culinary business in a delicious way.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
Cooking is art made edible, while Patar is a template turned into art.
When there are pets, there's always warmth and fun. Check out this cuteness overload and share love towards our furry friends.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Health, Blog, Featured
A special template for pet lovers and anyone involved in pet care business
Victor Winehouse template has rich and authentic looks, exactly like the taste of the wines.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Portfolio, Personal, Featured
The whole story of wine, inalterable quality in time and values.
Housella template can be a fantastic choice for your swank real estate website.
Designer Mher
Tags Business, Travel, Featured
A perfectly sophisticated and minimalist layout for any architectural business ideas.
This template will give you more reasons to love life in Greece visiting To Thryliko, let the local sunrises and sunsets, delicious food and incredibly nice people enchant you.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business, Restaurant, Featured
An enchanting restaurant template with gorgeous views and gastronomic images.
Wild, young and talented jazz fanatics. Prodigy of jazz classics and an urban sound of the jungle.
Designer Emma
Tags Business, Art, Blog
A gorgeous template to tell the world about your music band in a wild and beautiful way.
Representing an organization that believes in the power of collaboration and partnership, big challenges and bright future.
Designer Njteh
Tags Business
A constructive template that can cover your ideas on creating an efficient website for your company.
Benefits of having a business website

Brand recognition

Increase your online visibility and establish your brand as the leader in the market by creating a website for your business with Ucraft.

Increased market share

You will be able to reach much more customers, new markets and increase your revenue with your business website created with Ucraft..

Stunning professional design

Pick and love one from our colorful array of business website templates that are designed with user experience in focus.

Your contact information

Make it easy for your audience to get in touch and find your business through the contact form on your site, and by displaying the Google Maps Widget.

Customer testimonials

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Client feedback is a good trust signal, so the best thing is to have it on your business website.

Social media icons

Connect your social media accounts with your business website so that your customers can easily like and share your content.


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Yes, without a doubt. Your website will help you create a business plan and provide you with the right leads that can easily be converted into paying customers.
Creating a business website will help you reach broader audience and establish a better and more personal relationship with your customers.
Apart from beautiful templates, you’ll also get a domain name, free Google Cloud hosting, different integrations and many tools. Above all, you get a professional website.

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