Articles App for creative bloggers

Create a blog or news section for your website and engage your fans in just a few easy steps

Let’s Get Started!
Frist you need to go to your Dashboard and choose the ‘Article’ icon from Tools Panel. When you enter the Article App realm just click on the plus sign that will appear in the middle of your screen and you are ready to start your blogging journey.
It’s Time to Bring your A-game
Now the real fun begins. Here you will be able to add your text, images and everything you need to make your blog fun and interesting for your visitors. Experiment with fonts, formatting and colors, personalize everything and see what works best for you.
You're Almost Done
When you finish with adding your content and sprucing everything up with some great images or infographics, it is time to click on the publish button and share your magnificent writing with the world.
You're All Set
Now that your posts are published you can kick back and relax, or you can go back and check out the Article Management section. Here you can see the overview of all the posts you’ve published and see the ones that are in drafts or the ones you have deleted.
Blog page layout
There’s nothing better to spark the inspiration than to see how great the blog layout will be after a few blog posts.
Single post layout
Exactly! This is how your blog post will look like after you publish it.
Nelleke Van Der Burg
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Drive more traffic

Starting a blog will most certainly boost the number of visits to your website and give you the larger audience to market your product and services.

Learn and educate

You can educate your audience and pass your experience and valuable advice and also learn new things regarding topics that you cover.

Establish authority

Running a blog will help you build trust, create an awesome community and become an authority in your industry or line of work.

Generate leads

People reading your blog are most likely your potential customers. Use that to your advantage and convert them into leads and eventually customers.

Better customer relationship

One of many benefits of having a blog is that it encourages your customers to engage with your content and speak their mind.

Inspire others

You don’t need to create a blog only for business purposes, create it for yourself and use your writing to help and inspire others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is blogging important for you business?

Besides driving more traffic to your website, blog will give you the platform where you can share your brand’s message and establish online authority.

How can I start a blog?

Everything is easier with ucraft. Choose your topic, write an awesome article and in just a few steps add images, optimize it and publish it using our Articles App.

Will a blog help my SEO efforts?

It absolutely will. Having a blog and writing about industry relevant topics will help you rank for more relevant keywords making your business easier to find in the search.

Can it help me find a job?

Writing a blog will certainly expand your professional network which will increase your odds of you finding a better job or more reliable clients.

What is blog used for?

You can create a blog for a number of things. It can be for your business, it can be a travel or a health blog, or you can use it to make an online journal.

What if a whole team wants to run a blog?

That’s not a problem and it’s actually a great idea to have more contributors to keep things fresh. Just head to Team App and invite your team members.

Will it help me make money?

Running a successful blog can be very lucrative for you. If you build a sizable following you can profit from AdSense and other advertising options.

Will a blog help me start a business?

Creating a blog to promote your new business is a good tactic. What better way to introduce your new brand to the masses than through exiting content on your blog?

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