Every brand has its identifier – logo. ucraft allows to create your own logo without spending much time. With the help of Logo Maker you will easily create your own unique logo absolutely for free.
Sign in and push you ‘Profile’ icon. The menu is opened. Click ‘Logo Maker’. Logo Maker

To launch Logo Maker, push the ‘Craft Your Logo’ button. Logo Maker-2

Logo Maker is opened, and you are able to craft. Logo Maker - Start

Also you can launch Logo Maker clicking the ‘Dashboard’ button from the Tools Panel on the left. Logo Maker - Dashboard

Click the ‘Logo Maker’ icon from the dashboard. Logo Maker - Open

Now you are able to use Logo Maker.
Move the pointers to specify the general logo structure. It may contain icon, title text and tagline text. Changing the pointer position you are able to remove any of these items - make icon/title text/tagline text disabled. Logo Maker - Logo Structure

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