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Get Started

Click the ‘Start Crafting’ button.

Getting Started with ucraft

You can choose either a landing page or website templates. Click the desired section  and select the template that is best for you.

Choose a template with ucraft

You may use the Filter to make your choice easier. All templates are grouped in categories: Business, Personal, Restaurant, Travel, Sports, Art, Design, Photography, Portfolio.

After clicking a certain category, you will see all available templates of that section. Choose one and push the button to continue.
Template Categories-ucraft


To preview the chosen template’s demo, click on the link.

Choose your template-ucraft

Now the template’s demo is available.

Template demo - Knowledgebase

Click the Use This Template’ button to create a website with that template.

Use this template - Knowledgebase

Choose the name of your future site. Use your imagination! After you choose your site name, a ucraft subdomain will be automatically generated for you. Please note that some site names may already be in use.

Choose your site name - Knowledgebase

After choosing your site name, you should fill the registration form.
Enter your name, email and password or simply use your Facebook or Google+ account and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Sign Up - Knowledgebase

After completing the form, you are all set to start crafting.

Besides, there is an alternative way to sign up.

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