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ucraft gives you the opportunity to make your website better with the help of other users. You are able to create your own team who will work on improving the website design and content. You can assign a particular function to every team member.
Click the ‘Dashboard’ icon from the tools panel and push the ‘Team’ icon. Team - Knowledgebase

The Dialog Window is opened. You are the site editor. To add the new users push ‘Invite New Member’. You are able to add several team members. Invite team member - Knowledgebase

Enter the email address of a new member and move the pointers to define his role - whether he is an editor or a designer of your website. Push the ‘Invite’ button. Invite team member-2 - Knowledgebase

The new member of your website will receive a welcome email from ucraft team.
To edit the settings of member’s account, click the ‘Edit’ icon. Invite team member-3 - Knowledgebase

Move the pointers to change the member’s role and push the ‘Save’ button. Team - Change Role - Knowledgebase

To remove the member, click the ‘Close’ icon (‘x’). Team - Remove Team Member - Knowledgebase

Push the ‘Remove’ button to delete the member. Team - Remove Team Member-2 - Knowledgebase

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