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Now your site is almost ready, but you should make some necessary settings. Don’t skip this step if you don’t want your site to lose its face. It won’t happen with the help of Site Settings option.

Click the ‘Dashboard’ icon from the Tools Panel and push the ‘Site Settings’ icon. Site Settings - Knowledgebase

The site settings are divided into Basic and Code Injection. Site Settings - Knowledgebase

Enter your site name. If there is a need to put your site offline, move the pointer and choose the Offline Message. Site Settings - Knowledgebase

To change the logo/favicon, move your mouse to the Logo/Favicon Area and click the ‘Change’ button. Site Settings - Knowledgebase

Drag or browse the desired image. After making all the changes, push the ‘Save’ button. Site Settings - Knowledgebase

If you want to add HTML tags click “Code Injection” button. Code Injection - Knowledgebase

Fill the appropriate fields with the desired tags and push the ‘Save’ button. Code Injection - Knowledgebase

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