When the structure of your site is defined, all pages are created, engaging content is added, you should make your website SEO friendly. If you want to share your love with Google, don’t skip this important step.
To go to the SEO setting, click the ‘Dashboard’ button from the Tools Panel and push the ‘SEO’ icon. SEO - Knowledgebase

You’ll see your site structure. Move the mouse to the page and click the ‘Edit’ button. SEO - Edit - Knowledgebase

The Dialog Window is opened. Type the Title and Description of your page. SEO - Set Title and Description - Knowledgebase

To add an image, click the Image Area. The Media Window is opened. Select the desired image and click the ‘Ok’ icon. SEO - Image - Knowledgebase

To replace the image, click the ‘Change’ button and select another image from the Media. SEO - Replace Image - Knowledgebase

After making all changes, push the ‘Save’ button. SEO - Save - Knowledgebase

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