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Websites may have various structures: some of them are single-page and others have several pages of separate hierarchy. If you want to add pages to your web site, click the ‘Pages’ icon. Dashboard - Pages - Knowledgebase

You will see your single Home Page. All pages can be divided into Main and Secondary Pages. Dashboard - Main and Secondary Pages - Knowledgebase

To edit the Home Page, click the ‘Settings’ button. The Dialog Window is opened. To change the page title/alias, type the new name in the field. Dashboard - Pages - Settings - Knowledgebase

To set a page as a Home Page, move the pointer. Click the Arrow and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu. Dashboard - Pages - Set Home Page - Knowledgebase

If you want to set the Home Page on your main page, move the pointer. Type the External Link. After making all changes, push ‘Save.’ Dashboard - Pages - External Home Page - Knowledgebase

To see the made changes, move your mouse to the Page Area and push the ‘Go’ button. Dashboard - Pages - See changes - Knowledgebase

To add a new main page, move the mouse to the ‘Home Page’ icon and click ‘+’. There are 3 pluses: on the left, down and right. If you push the left/right plus, then the title of the new page will appear on the appropriate side to ‘Home’. Clicking the down plus, you will add a subpage. If you hover on that particular page from your menu, the subpage will appear under it. Dashboard - Pages - Add new page - Knowledgebase

This option is not active in our free package.To have this option available, click ‘+’ and push ‘Start Trial’. Dashboard - Pages - Start Trial - Knowledgebase

To be able to use the page adding function, push the ‘Start Trial’ button. Dashboard - Pages - Start Trial-2 - Knowledgebase

After clicking, your trial period is started. Dashboard - Pages - Trial started - Knowledgebase

Click ‘Pages’ icon, push ‘+’ and choose the desired page type from the Dialog Window (Page Blank/Page Collection). Dashboard - Pages - Add new page - Knowledgebase

New page is added. Move your mouse to the New Page Area and choose the desired option (edit/view/delete). Dashboard - Pages - Edit new page - Knowledgebase

After adding new pages, your site may have such a structure. Dashboard - Pages - Example-1 - Knowledgebase

Or it may look like this: Dashboard - Pages - Example-2 - Knowledgebase

To add a secondary page, click ‘Secondary Pages’ and push ‘+’. Dashboard - Pages - Secondary page - Knowledgebase

The Dialog Window is opened. Click the desired page type (Page Blank/Collection). And edit the page. Dashboard - Pages - Secondary page-2 - Knowledgebase

To remove the page, move your mouse to the Page Area and push the ‘Trash’ button. Dashboard - Pages - Remove - Knowledgebase

Click ‘Delete’ to remove the page. Dashboard - Pages - Delete - Knowledgebase

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