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This app allows you to write articles and publish it on your website! This is helpful if you want to run a blog or a series of articles like news or maybe a series of how to’s. You can share these articles with your friends, invite them to comment and more.

If you want to provide the visitors of your website with an interesting or informative articles, you should push the ‘Article’ icon from the Tools Panel.

KB-Articles app-ucraft

The window is opened. Push the Plus to add the article.

Articles app-KB_ucraft

With the help of ‘Article Management’ window, you will easily add the article. Type the title, introtext and main text of your article in the proper fields.

KB-Articles app-ucraft

Tags will help your users to find the required information. Type several tags in the field.

KB-Articles app-ucraft

To choose the category of the article, click the Arrow and push ‘Add New Category’. You will easily manage the article if they are grouped.

KB-Articles app-Categories

A new window is opened. Type the name of new category and push the ‘Create’ button.

KB - Articles app - Create a Category

To add the main or social images, just drag and drop the picture or click the field and upload the images.

KB - Articles app - Add images

If you want to have the options of sharing and commenting enabled, move the pointers.


KB - Articles app - sharing & comments 

To add the commenting option, move the pointer and push the ‘Connect Disqus’ button.

KB - Articles app - Connect Disqus

To create the alias for the discussions, type the subdomain in the appropriate field.

KB - Articles app - Add Discussions

You can make some SEO settings: change the alias and add the page description.

KB - Articles app - SEO settings

If you are not sure whether you will publish this particular article, you can save it as a draft - click the Arrow to see all available options. By default, a new article is published at the moment.

KB - Articles app - Save as a draft

To publish the article on a certain day, push ‘Schedule’ and set the required date and time.

KB - Articles app - Schedule a post

If you want to edit your article, push the ‘Article’ icon from the Tools Panel. You’ll see all available articles.

Use the upper icons to see only published, saved or deleted articles.

KB - Articles app - See categories

Besides that, you can filter the articles according to the publication data or categories. Also, the search option is available - type the article title and you’ll easily find it.


KB - Articles app - Search an article

If you want to change the arrangement of your articles, use the appropriate icons. You can have the articles grouped in blocks or as a list.


KB - Articles app - Change the arrangement

To manage the article, hover it and select the desired option. You are able to edit, view or delete the article. To select any of these options, push the appropriate icon.

KB - Article app - Manage the article

To view the article, click the ‘View’ icon and you’ll see how your  article looks.

KB - Articles app - View the article

To add a new article, push the Plus.

KB - Articles app - Add a new article

To open a Block Settings, click the Pointer and edit the Article block as you have done it with other page blocks.

KB - Articles app - Block settings








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