The ‘Preview’ button from the Tools Panel gives you the opportunity to see the current version of your website. It shows how your website will look under real-life conditions.

Click the ‘Preview’ button (the upper one from the Tools Panel) to see the current changes of your website. Preview - Knowledgebase

After pushing the ‘Preview’ button, the current look of your site is available. To find more options, click the upper button. Preview your website - Knowledgebase

You are able to see how your site will look on PC, iPad and mobile device. Preview - Mobile responsive - Knowledgebase

Click the iPad icon. To rotate the iPad, push the icon on the right. Preview - iPad - Knowledgebase

Click the ‘Mobile’ icon to view your site on the mobile device. Push the button on the right to rotate the device. Preview - iPhone - Knowledgebase

To come back to Edit Mode, click ‘Back’ or ‘Edit’ and continue to make your site even better. Preview - Back - Knowledgebase

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