If you want to change the color of any element of your website, you may use the ‘Colors’ button from the Tools Panel on the left. Colors - Knowledgebase

It is very convenient and easy-to-use. A set of various color shades are available in the Palette.
To add a new color, click ‘+’. The Dialog Window is opened. Colors - Add - Knowledgebase

Moving the first pointer, you specify the hue. Colors - Hue - Knowledgebase

The second pointer determines the color saturation. Move the pointer to change it. Colors - Saturation - Knowledgebase

Moving the third pointer, you change the color opacity. Colors - Opacity - Knowledgebase

Recently applied colors are available at the bottom of the Dialog Window. Colors - Palette - Knowledgebase

After adding the desired color to the Palette, you drag and drop the color to the specific site element (e. g. to the Title Element). Colors - Drag and Drop - Knowledgebase

As a result the color of the Title Area is changed. Color Changed - Knowledgebase

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