If you are a greener at site creating, don’t have any programming skills but have a desire to craft your own website, then you are a lucky duck. You may use a set of already developed site blocks prepared by ucraft team. Just choose the desired block, drag and drop it and edit as you wish. We are sure you’ll enjoy the crafting process using Blocks.

You’ll find ‘Blocks’ on the Tools Panel. Click the ‘Blocks’ icon and you’ll find a name list of all available block types and their example. Blocks - Knowledgebase

If you click one of the tags (e.g. ‘Paragraph’), you’ll see all available examples which you can use for your own site. Don’t forget to move the scroll to see all examples. Blocks - Tags - Knowledgebase

To add the block, drag and drop it to the Crafting Area. Blocks - Add - Knowledgebase

To edit the block, right mouse click it and push the desired button. (See ‘Elements’). Blocks - Settings - Knowledgebase

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