Managing sites

Now you are a real master of website building. You’ve created several sites and have the great idea for a new one.

To add a new site, click your ‘Profile’ icon. Find a list of your sites on the right. Push the ‘+ Add site’ icon and start crafting. Add site - Knowledgebase

Besides that, you can click ‘My sites’ to see all your works. My sites - Knowledgebase

To add a new site, click the ‘+’ and start crafting. Add new site - Knowledgebase

To start editing the site, move your mouse to the Site Area and click the ‘Edit’ button. Edit site - Knowledgebase

To delete the site, move you mouse to the Site Area and push the ‘Trash’ icon. Deleting site - Knowledgebase

If you really want to remove the site, click ‘Delete’. Delete site - Knowledgebase

The information about the trial period and site status is shown in the upper boxes. Site status - Knowledgebase

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