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Designer Tato
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Designer Tato
Tags Wedding


Share your love story
Write something that defines you as a couple and tell your love story to all your guests with a unique wedding website.
Cut down on hundreds of calls
Wedding landing page allows your guests to RSVP online, which in turn saves you countless hours on the phone with every guest separately.
One place for all info
Who, when and where - When you make a wedding website, all information about location, ceremony, restaurant, time and date are in one place.
Nobody will get lost
With the location details explained on your wedding landing page, your guests won’t be lost or late. When in doubt, they can easily check on their phones.
Stress-free change of plans
Your wedding plans are bound to have some unexpected changes, so instead of calling everybody, you can just update your wedding website.
Be eco-friendly
Creating a wedding landing page saves you from printed invitations and makes you eco-conscious. Plus, it saves you from the cost of printing.