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Bad-ass designers deserve a jiggy landing page, straight outta ucraft, yo!

Creating a website needs efforts and time. Use this free template to inform everyone that something special is coming very soon.
Designer Njteh
Tags Photography, Business, Portfolio, Design, Travel, Personal, Health, Restaurant, Sports, Event
You are creating a website, but it's not ready yet? Get this coming soon template first.
This template is showcasing theu00a0artworks of anu00a0ambitious and talented designer Ara Aslanyan. He is an influencer guy with strong knowledge about branding and people relationship. P.S. He has also taken part in designing the UX and UI of ucraft.
Designer Ara Aslanyan
Tags Portfolio, Design, Personal, Art
The crazy man from Tumo, who showcased his design portfolio with ucraft
Let everyone discover your uniqueness! Create your own look and feel, show your latest works, inspire your visitors with your great projects with this exciting one page graphic design portfolio template.
Designer Tato
Tags Portfolio, Design, Personal, Art
Create a portfolio for your graphic design works with this amazing one page website.
Looking to introduce your recent design projects and your team? This one page website template is a perfect fit for you! Engage your followers with your design portfolio and let them connect with you with an inquiry!
Designer Tato
Tags Business, Portfolio, Design
Showcase you interior and exterior design portfolio with an exciting one page website!

Attract New Clients

Having a landing page as an independent designer or a designer firm is necessary if you want to expand your client base and grow your business.

Build It Like a Piece of Art

With single page website you’ll be able to design your website to look like one art installation and customize everything to your needs.

Improve Your First Impression

Before enlisting your services, most people will look you up online. Make a good first impression and people will choose you over your competition.

Look More Professional

Arrange your landing page website according to the latest design standards so that your work is presented in a more professional manner.

Do Things Your Way

You can treat our design landing page like a canvas where you can express yourself and present yourself or your team in the best possible way.

Change It Whenever You Want

Design trends change and you need to keep up. With ucraft’s landing page, you’ll be able to update your website whenever you want, in a matter of minutes.


No coding, it’s engaging!
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Will It Look Good on Mobile?

Most definitely. Every landing page template is responsive and looks great on every device, which is of highest importance when it comes to website design.

What about user experience?

The whole concept of a single page website allows you to create very intuitive flow for your users and gives you the opportunity to tell your story.

Can I Connect My Online Profiles?

Absolutely. Connect your social media profiles and other professional networks and portals to your landing page so that you have everything in one place.

Creating Your Website.

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