Free App Landing Page Templates

You don’t have an app landing page? Lets put an end to it together - choose one now!

You have created an IOS or Android app. That's cool. This application template will show your app to public in a beautiful and simple manner.
Designer Tato
Tags App
Showcase your app design simply using this app template.


Create early traction
With an app landing page, you can spread the word about your app even before the launch, or just use it to boost marketing efforts after the app is on the market.
Highlight the app features
Landing page is a great opportunity to point to all the awesome features that your app has. Explain all the benefits and values that your app brings.
Create clear call to action
To get more downloads for your app, you need to make your Call to Action visible and appealing, and there’s no better way to do that than with an app landing page.
Be there for your users
Your interaction with users doesn’t end when they download your app. To make it easy for them to reach you, simply create an app landing page.
Ask for feedback
When you want to implement some changes to your application, there’s no better way to announce the news and get customer feedback than through your landing page.