Why it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

Written by  Lina Abascal and Gog Zalibekyan / 08 January 2016
Why it’s never too late to reinvent yourself
Some of us grew up with computers and the internet, while some of us had to learn how to navigate the world of technology later in life. Sometimes it feels like advancements are happening so fast, you’re always behind and it may just be easier to call it a day and be technologically challenged. Lucky for you, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself when it comes to the web, IT, and technology in general.

Typically, it can be pretty difficult to reinvent yourself in your everyday life. Even the most dramatic makeover, cross country move, or career change can leave you still feeling like your same old self, and doing these can be impossible or expensive. Changing how you interact with technology and the internet is easier than you may think, and can result in a huge life change, perspective, and opportunity.

Not only are there plenty of tools to help you step your game up in simple, everyday ways, but more people than ever before and beginning fruitful hobbies and even careers in tech later in life. Gaining these new skills will feel amazing, even when it’s challenging.

Learn to Troubleshoot Your Own Computer
This may seem simple, but knowing how to do simple things like convert documents to PDFs, scan and upload documents, organize and store your content in the cloud, or set up email forwarding can make you feel a lot more powerful and independent both at home and in the workplace. There are a lot of tutorials about how to perform these tasks on YouTube, as well as articles explaining how. Having to ask for less help in your day to day life when it comes to tech is liberating and feels great. Once you’ve figured out something new, you can even pass the knowledge along.
Build a Web Presence
Something great and sometimes a bit daunting about the internet is it’s a great place to decide how you want to present yourself, how you want to discuss your feelings and beliefs, even how you want to look. Having a web presence whether it’s social media to start, or a personal website for your business or project, will help you reinvent yourself and introduce you to a whole new, and basically limitless, audience of future friends, collaborators, and inspiration online. If you ever decide to move in another direction, you can always rebuild your online presence. While it’s hard to completely erase content you’ve put onto the internet completely, it’s easy to delete an account, start a new one, redesign a website, or update a resume.
Even Learn to Code or Design
Now that you’ve learned the basics and either build to reinvented your online presence, you can enter the big leagues, if you want. It’s easy to get intimidated by stories of 14 year old coding prodigies founding their own companies and apps, but you can start somewhere (at any age and any time!). Online lessons through a trusted source like Code Academy, YouTube tutorials, communities and chat rooms, or even in-person lessons at a local school like General Assembly, or even some community college courses touch on this increasingly more common and lucrative job skill.

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