What would life be without the Internet

Written by  Lina Abascal 22 January 2016

What would life be without the Internet
Life without the internet. Seems scary to some of us! May seem like a paradise to others (though we encourage you to rethink that)!

Sometimes going a day or so without using the internet can be a nice break or cleanse, but when we think about what our modern world would be like without possibly the most monumental invention of our time, it’s hard to really picture where we would be without it. From fun, but seemingly unnecessary elements of culture like entertainment, to vital areas like healthcare and travel, the internet fuels everything.

Just for the fun of it, we picked a few categories and wondered what life would be like in regards to them without the internet. It’s a pretty scary sight!


The internet has made education more accessible to people all over the world in a traditional sense such as receiving a college degree through an online program or partial online classes, to industry specific or even skill specific YouTube and other video tutorials. The internet at it’s core is an amazing resource of free and accessible information, which is why many including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook believe access to it is a fundamental human right.

Some may argue that in some cases, such as simple fixes around the house, or cooking, it’s easier to teach yourself using tools online than learn from another person, and in other cases, easier to figure out how to do something yourself than to bring on another person to help.

Not only is it easier to find a job using the internet, there are plenty more jobs because of it! Blasting your resume and application to dozens of employers online is much easier than going door to door with photocopies. Creating supplemental material for prospective employers to check out about you, such as an online portfolio or personal website also makes showing off your skills much easier, and less expensive, than printing a portfolio or simply discussing it in interviews.

When you’re looking to hire for a job, the internet is your best friend. You are no longer mercy to a hyper local group of people who have viewed your ad. Your job spec can circulate around the internet, and you can even pay to promote it on certain sites to your ideal candidate demographic. Once you think you may have found someone, make sure to do a quick search on them and make sure everything checks out. You are a lot less likely to be caught off guard once you’ve done your research on someone.

The internet has also made it possible for disparate teams to work together and communicate in real time, leading to what may result in a huge decline in physical office spaces.

Mailing letters? Buying stamps? Home phone lines? Forget about it. And some of those aren’t even as old school as they may seem. Communicating with anyone from friends to family and employers to local businesses has gotten a lot easier through websites, social media, email, chat, and more.

Without the internet, it would be less convenient, more expensive, and much more timely to keep in touch with anyone or exchange any sort of content be it photo, video, work, letters, or audio.

Sometimes we wish we couldn’t online shop. Kind of. The internet has made shopping for life’s necessities and extras all that much easier. It’s also made it easier to start a business selling online and eliminated many of the startup costs of a brick and mortar business.

Purchasing goods from other parts of the world (Amazon) or from individuals (Etsy, Ebay) makes obtaining nearly anything in a click or two possible.

Making Connections
We’ve already established that the internet makes it a lot easier to keep in touch with those important to us, but what about making those connections in the first place. Everything from online communities to applications specifically designed to bring people together (anything from Facebook to Tinder) have made meeting people for any reason a lot easier. Looking for career mentorship is a only a Google or LinkedIn search away, finding out more information about your ancestors is possible through plenty of online based services, finding employees or employers is easier than ever.

Connecting with and meeting other human beings is more accessible than ever before. Sometimes an online connection can’t replace a physical, in person experience, but the opportunity to access more people and information than ever before is easily the most impactful part of the internet.

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