Using iPhone photos is ok to engage your visitors

Written by  Lina Abascal and Gog Zalibekyan / 22 December 2015
Using iPhone photos is ok to engage your visitors
The days of point and shoot cameras are over. Lines are blurring between professional photos and photos shot on cell phones are blurring. If you don’t believe us, check out the most recent iPhone 6s campaign. Now (nearly) everyone has a state of the art camera in their pocket, just waiting to create higher quality images and video than ever before.

We are more than excited about this, because this also means that when creating a website or marketing materials, hiring expensive and time consuming photographers is not always necessary, which makes things a lot less expensive and a lot easier to do in house.

With enough attention to composition, lighting, use of flash if needed, and styling, you can create beautiful videos, images for your website, images to print on marketing materials, or any other needs you may have. Something as critical as product shots for your e-commerce can be done using a smartphone as well as a one time need like a team photo for the “About Us” section of your company’s website or a quick tutorial video about your product when paired with the right editing.

Consumers and visitors to your website are used to smartphone photography appearing in their everyday lives, but are unlikely to be able to tell the difference with now high quality cameras and features available. For some companies, using and advertising their use of smartphone photography shows they are modern and innovative, for others, no one will ever know except those of you at the company as you smile at your beautiful photos and all of the money you saved.
To inspire you, here are a few pieces of media that were created using smartphones:

What are some of your favorite uses of smartphone photographer? How do you imagine you can integrate it to engage your online visitors?

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