The SEO Errors Killing Your Online Visibility

Written by  Keeva O'Donnell / 25 October 2015
The SEO Errors Killing Your Online Visibility
Online visibility cannot be built in a day. But one way to remain on the outskirts of Google’s ranking system is to try and cut to the top by practicing out-dated and outlawed SEO techniques. Google makes its guidelines very clear but there are still websites out there making uninformed choices about how they should optimize their site. It’s damaging their rankings ergo their online visibility. So, we’re going to go through the most common SEO mistakes so that our ucrafters can avoid them in the future.
You’re Giving Google Déjà Vu
What we mean by this is duplicate content. You see when Google crawls the web, it’s looking to index new information. If it’s seen it before, it sees no need to republish it. There are cases where duplicate content can be valuable, such as publishing an article you’ve guest-posted on in another site, or a blog you’ve recycled and updated. By clicking ‘no index’ and ‘no follow’ on these pages, you can avoid them having a negative on your SEO.
You’re Repeating Yourself
Do you know when you have a conversation with someone who keeps saying your name after every second sentence? It throws you off a little, interrupts the flow of conversation, and sometimes can be pretty damn annoying, right? The same applies to words on your website. By all means, use keywords. Just don’t repeat keywords over and over again to try to move up the search engines. It’s not only obvious to Google what you’re trying to do; it’s obvious to your readers. Inserting a keyword in your title, your introduction, and 2-3 times throughout the text is sufficient.
You’re Doing Guest Posts Wrong
While it’s true that guest-posts will create backlinks to your site, the quality of those backlinks will be determined by the quality of the post. So ensure that you only accept posts that are relevant to your product/service and to the demographic you are targeting. Buying links or building a mass of backlinks from poor quality sites may improve your rankings initially but will soon hamper them, leaving you to climb an even higher mountain to the top. If in doubt, always remember that you can reference Google Webmaster tools to monitor your links.

You Have Too Many Ads
What you always have to remember about SEO is that what your users like, Google will like. And what your users will hate, Google will punish you for. So it stands to reason that having lots of ads cluttering up your webpage will negatively impact on your optimization efforts.

Your Grammar And Spelling Suck
First of all, Google will not penalise you for every spelling blunder or grammar faux pas. Even the most prestigious news sites on the internet regularly contain spelling errors (which will be promptly corrected by the first 100 commenters). A problem arises when your site is so full of spelling and grammar errors that people couldn’t be bothered to read it. Bad spelling and grammar is indicative of bad quality writing, so no one’s going to hang around. If no one hangs around reading your content, Google won’t see it as fit to rank.

You’re Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd
If you think submitting your site to link directories is a good idea, think again. Most link directories accept all and every site link. So what you have is a tonne of poor quality- effectively junk sites-sitting right next to yours. And if you’re seen with sites like these, you are assumed to be just like them. If you want to be associated with a higher quality site, only submit to curated directories who weed out the spam and and target the demographic you’re looking to engage with.

Your Anchor Text Needs Revision
If you don’t know, anchor text is the text used to describe your link. So when you see click ‘here’ in blue, the anchor text would be the word ‘here.’ Some people mistakenly think they can trick Google into ranking them for certain search terms by using the search term as their anchor text. Over and over again. Google will spot this kind of manipulation a mile away and penalize you when it comes to the Bot’s attention. It may not be instant but it is inevitable.

Your Links Are Broken
Broken links are inevitable over time as sites shut down or move. It’s important to keep track of your links on webmaster tools-every 6 months or so- to ensure that you have no broken links on your page. When you have none, you indicate to Google that all the content on your site is valid and up to date so taking care of this problem is worth your while.

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