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Building an Engaged Instagram Following in 6 Steps
For most of us, Instagram’s news feed is the second thing we see in the morning. The first one is probably the wall next to us. Anyway, with over 800 million users worldwide, Instagram is not optional anymore for brands and businesses: it’s a must in your digital box of weapons. Not to sound too dramatic, but Instagram is your prime channel to build your brand.
20 March 2018
Staying Up to Date on Facebook’s Changing Algorithm
Facebook algorithm spreads light on the amount of posts that people and businesses share every single day and picks the posts to show on our News Feeds based on different factors. It’s important to stay up to date on them: otherwise you and your perfectly crafted posts will remain on the shelves without reaching to people you want.
13 March 2018
The Ins and Outs of Effective Email Marketing
Even though emails are more than 40 years old, they never fall out of fashion. That’s why experienced marketers and business owners still get the importance of using one of the oldest ways of online communication in building their community and leads’ lists.
02 March 2018
How to Generate a CTA That Your Users Can't Help But Click?
Have you ever thought about how many times you have encountered CTA buttons while surfing the net? Obviously, you haven’t. Nevertheless, now you should at least think about it, because I guarantee that you run into CTA buttons at least 15-30 times a day! Learn what are some characteristics of a good CTA button that will certainly catch your clients' attention and make 'em click!
20 February 2018
What are the Digital Marketing Rules You Need to Forget in 2018
Digital marketing is a complex environment. It started several years ago when social media networks have started to become severely used by the world’s population. And the marketplace has already changed its “ways.” Let's see if you’re still using outdated digital marketing strategies. 
15 February 2018
What Emotions Enhance Customer Loyalty?
For your brand, emotional connections do matter because they decide the future of your business. Have you ever thought how to put emotional connections to work? It’s simple! You just need to understand what emotions people experience when facing your business or brand.
18 January 2018
6 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. And why do we need a marketing strategy and what benefits you can get from creating an efficient one?
05 January 2018
How to step up Your Holiday Marketing in 6 Easy Steps
What time is it? It’s Christmas time! And do you know what happens during the holidays? People shop: and they shop a lot, which means more and more sales for you. Here are X easy steps on how to win over your customers’ hearts with your holiday marketing this Christmas.
22 December 2017

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