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UX Writing as the New Approach to Quality Content Creation
Recent developments in the User Experience research have provided us with a very important question: “Why does content matter?” This opened the floodgates for what is known as UX writing, and it has become the de facto way of creating content for young tech savvy audiences. But what does UX writing mean in practice? How does it differ from regular content writing?
12 September 2018
Top Features of Your Small Business Website: Are You Missing Out on Something?
You got to have that small business website of yours. And one thing that people forget to mention is that a site online with your business name on it is not enough. In fact, it’s far away from enough. There are very important features that your website must have. And those are just the basics, the very minimum your audience demands.
07 September 2018
10 Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of This Year
Innovative technologies penetrated into this area of business and we often use marketing approaches unconsciously in our daily interactions. Social media, analysis of audience, automated emails and funnel marketing partially replaced telephone marketing and physical sales. People tend to buy online being influenced by the recent marketing trends. In this article we will discuss emerging marketing trends and how to take advantage of them.
03 September 2018
Use Messaging Apps to Grow Traffic to Your E-commerce Site
Nowadays, brands understand the fact that consumers like to shop from their phones and that a lot of e-commerce traffic is coming from social media. For this reason, companies from all over the world get engaged in conversational commerce using messaging apps and chatbots with their leads and current customers.
16 August 2018
7 Ways to Use Heatmaps to Improve Your SEO
The eCommerce industry has undergone many changes over the last couple of years, with the vast majority of them closely mirroring the updates made to search engine algorithms. Out of all the currently available tools at marketer’s disposal, heatmaps are arguably the most cost-effective and proficient methods of discerning customer behavior in order to gain an insight into how customers think and act. Information obtained through heatmaps allows marketers to create content that will meet their customers’ needs and provide them with the best possible user experience.
08 August 2018
Social Media Marketing as Your Secret Weapon to Success
Setting a business is a tough process, keeping that business afloat is even tougher. Today, the number one necessity for every business is, of course having a website. Once your website is ready to show off your business and your skills, it is time to get it in front of people by introducing yourself on social media platforms. Marketing, advertising, and promotion are, without a doubt, your next venture... 
31 July 2018
7 Last Strikes of an iPhone Woman Dating an Android Man
Now, wouldn’t it be fun to sit back and look over an iPhone woman dating an Android man? I bet they’d have the worst time possible together, bumping into the unknown. But it’d be something entertaining for us, right? A cosmic battle between the two: they’re not just consumers who choose one brand over the other, they are completely different people who have almost nothing in common and have no similar personal characteristics.
09 July 2018
7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website
What about a perfect combination of a fancy restaurant in downtown with a top-notch website on the online platform? No matter what restaurant you represent: a coffee shop, a fast food spot, a family style cozy place or an expensive fine dining restaurant - you surely need a website to stand out.
04 July 2018

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