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How to Make Your Own Website
Every business needs a website. That’s a given. Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to code, nor do you have to hire a web developer to build your website for you. Instead, you can create your own website by using a DIY website builder.  Here are the steps you need to follow before potential customers can find your company online.
09 March 2018
10 Killer Tips & Tricks to Design a Great Logo
Your logo is the visual identity of your company that inspires trust, awareness, and builds recognition. Every winning logo has some common elements that make it successful, so when designing a logo, you need to adhere to some principles. So, let’s dive deep into the logo designing principles so that you come up with a stunning one.
05 March 2018
How to Make Your Website Look Attractive
If your website isn’t drawing in new customers and catching their attention long enough to turn their visit into a profitable action, you’re missing out. By implementing the following tips, your entire site can be more interesting and lucrative in the long run.
27 February 2018
Why Every Profitable Business Must Have a Website
As of 2014, there were already over one billion websites on the Internet. So, you may be asking yourself, do you really need to add another one to the pile? The short answer is: yes, you do. If you’re running a business, you must have a website.
16 January 2018
Trends By Ucraft Designers To Follow In 2018
As the cliche goes, we make new year resolutions: “new year, new me.” For designers it goes like, “new year, new design trends.” If you are searching for design trends to use in 2018, our creative designers have some tips for you.
12 January 2018
8 Design Tips On How To Create Your Company Logo
A great logo sticks in the minds of your clients. It’s the thing our brains use to instantaneously recognize what a company is all about. But in order to accomplish all of that, it has to have the right design elements. That’s why so many companies are willing to pay a pretty premium for professional designers to come up with such a small graphic. 
09 January 2018
9 Stunning Freelancer Portfolios Created With Ucraft
As a freelancer, one of your most critical assets is your portfolio. While working face-to-face with people allows you to make a first impression with your look, voice, expression, and more, working remotely in the digital landscape limits your touchpoints with new clients, and makes the ones you do have especially essential.
15 November 2017
7 Things About Online Portfolio Website Creation
Finding a professional website builder tool will help you go down the second road safe and sound. Luckily, there are builders like Ucraft out there that don't require technical skills. And since you won’t need technical skills, you’ll be ready to present your art to the world in under an hour. Hear and now, I'm going to tell you about 7 things you didn't know about online art portfolios and suggest ways to enhance your website for good.
25 October 2017

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