19 Reasons to Get Married …or Not

Written by  Ana Grasic

06 June 2016

19 Reasons to Get Married …or Not
You have doubts about getting married? You’re not the only one. In fact, so many young people these days are avoiding commitment that there’s even a word for that phenomena. It is called Gamophobia or the fear of getting married or being in a relationship. If you still have doubts whether you should tie the knot, take a look at this list and it will surely help make up your mind.


Before the Wedding Bells Chime

  • Think you are too old to get married? Well you probably are, compared to Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII. She was two years old when she was proposed.
  • In 860 AD, it was Pope Nicholas I, not Beyoncé, who said that if you like it should have put a ring on it. And King Maximilian I, not Marilyn Monroe, was the one who decided that diamonds are girl’s best friend when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy.
  • Bachelor parties date back to ancient Sparta. Spartan soldiers were the first to celebrate the end of their single days by getting drunk and partying all night, but they first needed their fiancé’s approval.
  • In Scotland, there was a pre-wedding tradition that involved throwing food trash at the bride and groom. They believed that if the couple can endure this, they will cope with every difficulty that marriage brings. Some divorced couples may say that they prefer being hit with rotten eggs rather than being married to their ex-spouses.
  • It may come as a surprise, but men fall in love at first sight much more often than women (48% vs. 28%). In other words, women think with their head and men… not so much.
  • The Penan nomads from Borneo island used to believe that women don’t have a soul until their wedding day – after all these years it seems that some meddling grandmas and aunts still think this is true.

Wedding Frenzy

  • Brides are not the only ones who obsess about their complexion and appearance, in fact 16% of grooms have a fake tan and 23% get their teeth whitened.
  • Brides usually decide on their wedding dress almost a year in advance, however grooms buy their tuxedos 5-6 months after their future brides have already made their choice. This basically means that men wait for the last possible moment or until their fiancé freaks out about that.
  • Wedding statistics released in 2014 by The Knot show that on average brides are ready to spend 1300$ on a wedding dress – that’s 1300$ for a dress that you’re gonna wear once, but that’s nothing compared to the most expensive wedding dress that costs 12 million dollars.
  • Average number of bridesmaids is 4, but the number of ugly bridesmaids’ dresses is infinite.
  • The average drink consumption on a wedding is 2 drinks per person, not counting your drunk uncles.
  • When you’re preparing for the wedding, not only do you need to count your money, but also the calories. The average amount of calories consumed by 120 guests is 256,920, according to The British Dietetic Association..
  • In Las Vegas approximately 300 couples say "I do" every day, however how many of those couples actually remember the wedding is unclear.
  • Average wedding roughly costs $20,000 (by the way, the cost of a typical divorce is also $20,000. Coincidence?)

Till Divorce Do Us Part

  • Even though Facebook was created to connect people it plays a huge role in divorcing them too. In the U.S. more than 30% of all divorce filings contain the word ‘Facebook’, which means people use it more for extramarital activities than to find lost friends from high school.
  • Facebook is far from the worst culprit when it comes to infidelity. Dating sites are probably number one enemy of every shaky marriage. Considering that, it doesn’t really comes as a shock that in 2007 a Bosnian couple split up after they realized they both had an online affair. The catch was they actually had the affair with each other but under fake names.
  • In Turkish folklore there are tales saying that few hundred years back, women could ask for divorce if their husbands didn’t provide them with enough coffee. This is very reasonable considering that everything is easier after the first coffee – even marriage.
  • After divorce men are particularly prone to excessive drinking. In comparison, divorced women drink a lot less after a divorce – because after divorce they no longer have a reason to drink.
  • The number of marriage therapists is constantly rising. In fact, statistic shows that their number increased 50 times between 1970 and 1990. But can we prove that they are really helping considering the fact that in the U.S. there are 100 divorces every hour.


Don’t let these statistics discourage you. We think it’s needless to say that we don’t want to rain on your parade. We created this list to have some fun, and more importantly to highlight this one conclusively proven fact for a successful marriage: 100% of the couples that create wedding website using ucraft wedding template live happily ever after! And remember wedding didn't happen if it wasn't on the internet!

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