Making Web design easy for newbies with ucraft

Written by  Keeva O'Donnell / 29 September 2015
Making Web design easy for newbies with ucraft
Someone who doesn’t even know what IT stands for can still create a stylish, user-friendly website in less than a minute with ucraft. That’s pretty crazy, right? But like anything created to make things simple, it’s the result of a lot of hard work, and even more caffeine. Understanding the mechanisms behind ucraft can help you understand what you’re actually doing when you’re crafting your web pages. And ultimately why ucraft is such a good choice for everyone from technophobes to designers who want to build an online presence fast.
Understanding ucraft UX, Blocks, and Elements
On the left panel of ucraft you will find 2 sections - elements and blocks, both of which are reusable. What do we mean by reusable?

OK, so…
Reusable elements
These are the most widely used html elements in the web, and include Title, Paragraph, Button, Image, Video, and more. Each element can be dragged from the left ucraft panel to different droppable areas of your pages. The ucraft user experience has been our priority, and we’ve done our best to make it clean, simple, and fun to use.
Reusable blocks
Reusable blocks are what make ucraft so quick and easy to use. They are basically collection of reusable elements, which have already been built by our designers so to create common sections on the go so you don’t lose time. Like a microwaveable meal, the content is there. It’s just a few buttons away from completion. Again, you need to choose the most suitable block from the left ucraft panel and drop it to where it belongs on the page. If you want to customise the end product to have it fit closer to your own stylistic preferences, you’re more than welcome to do that. It’s as easy as adding salt and chili to that microwaveable meal. BTW, they’ve already been tested for usability and reliability, so you can reuse with confidence.

Simple Drag'n'Drop functionality
Drag ‘n’ Drop functionality makes building a website as easy as grabbing what you want from one point, and dragging it over to another. No physical effort whatsoever. Simply press down on the element you want, hold it down while you move it to where it needs to be, and release the button to drop it in place. What’s more is that drag’n’drop lets you see what you’re doing instantly, making the whole process so much smoother. It’s even pretty easy to colorize anything on the page including the page background, reusable blocks, reusable elements and even the smallest pixel on your page. All you do is drag the color over from the left ucraft panel’s color selector. Yup, It really is that easy.

Dashboard usability
Before we started ucraft, we started Bang2Joom. And one of things we heard consistently from our customers was that they loved our designs and usability. This is one of the things we prioritised with ucraft to make the editing process as simple and enjoyable as possible. If you don’t know already, the dashboard is the interface, a control panel that puts the decision –making tools in the hands of the editors and designers. So we created a personalized place for our users, called ucraft Dashboard, which includes all the apps you need to control your site’s Pages, SEO, Team, UI Kit, Analytics and more. And if you’re part of the Mac-Pack, you’ll see that this dashboard has been inspired by the Apple design..

On-page editing
The on-page editing allows users to make changes to the
  1. Content using TinyMCE Editor
  2. Design using ucraft UI Kit
  3. Layout using the drag and drop feature

Edits take place on the front-end so you can instantly see how they look on the page, rather than through a control panel at the backend. So you don’t need to go back and forth, back and forth between the front-end and admin panel to see the results you want. With the on-page editing tools, you simply click on the element you wish to edit, make your changes and you are ready to go!..

What else is great about your ucraft website?
  1. With ucraft, you get secure, reliable Cloud Hosting from Google free.
  2. All your ucraft websites are secured by 256 bit SSL Certificate out of the box.

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