Kick Off Your Web Design Career By Helping Your Family and Friends

Written by  Lina Abascal and Gog Zalibekyan / 08 December 2015
Kick Off Your Web Design Career By Helping Your Family and Friends
Just starting off your web design career? We’ve been there. In the beginning it can be hard to find clients as you’re building up your portfolio and gaining experience. This is a perfect opportunity to ask your family and friends to help you, as you also help them with your new skills.
It’s about to be 2016, and we know everyone needs a website. Assess the various potential web design needs of your loved ones and see how you can create sites they’ll love and appreciate, while building a diverse portfolio. No one except you will know it’s your family or friends, so this is great way to jumpstart your career.

Here are a few commonly needed websites that may be a great fit for someone in your life.
A Resume Site
Any creatives in your family? Any students? A simple one page website featuring examples of past work and a contact form is a great asset for those looking to share their portfolio and seek out new employment opportunities. This is much simpler and sleeker than printing out paper copies, or even sending over email attachments. Help them take their career to the next level with this professional touch.

A Personal Blog
Does Grandma have a lot to say? Mom love recapping her travels? A website centered around a blog is a great fit for nearly any family member. Adding social media widgets on the sidebar and fun and custom header, you can build from scratch or customize an existing template on the blog content management system of your choice.

An E-Commerce
Know anyone selling crafts, clothing, anything at all? While an e-commerce website is slightly more complicated than a simpler, less involved, site, platforms like shopify can help take some of the leg work out of it. Helping with a shop or brand name logo header, a navigation bar to organize inventory by type, and image centric design are best suited for an online shop.

Small Business Website
Slightly different than an e-commerce site, any small business can benefit from a website simply to market their business. Similar to a resume site, this can be as simple as one scrolling homepage, with a few external pages like an “About Us” and “Contact.” Stay on brand using the business’ color palette and logos. A modern website can help revamp and an older business, or help a new business break onto the scene and add legitimacy. Having easily accessible contact information and SEO can help new potential clients or customers come across the business, your loved ones will be eternally grateful.

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