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Important mobile marketing faux pas to learn from

Important mobile marketing faux pas to learn from

It is high time to get on board with the mobile marketing train, cause it’s 2018 outside. Many small businesses and large companies, that may seem similar, tend to optimize digital marketing efforts to reach people through smart devices. Anyway, it is difficult to ignore this new trend without being left behind. The question is: how do you get started? More importantly, how can you start without making costly mistakes?

If you feel like 2018 is your time to get into mobile marketing for your business, there are a few common mistakes and faux pas you can easily avoid right from the start. With a little bit of time, planning and effort, you can make sure your mobile marketing efforts are right in line with your consumer base and marketing budget. Here's a look at some of the most common mistakes beginners make their first time around.


Mistake #1: Ignoring the Importance of Mobile Marketing

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the most common beginner mistakes is ignoring the need for mobile marketing in the first place. Many small businesses assume that traditional digital marketing techniques, like SEO and social media are enough. Several years ago, this would have been true. These days, however, more and more people, especially younger generations like millennials, are shopping with their smart devices in hand.


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Ignoring the benefits of mobile marketing means you aren't leveraging the opportunity out of your marketing platform. Smart devices and mobile technology create unique opportunities for small businesses to reach potential customers. This technology can make the shopping experience more convenient for existing customers as well. Since happy customers are one of the most important components of success, and mobile marketing offers plenty of unique ways to connect with your target audience.


Mistake #2: Forgetting that Basic Marketing Principles Still Apply

New technology and marketing opportunities tend to make people forget the basics when it comes to advertising. Even though new mobile technologies make it easier to reach customers, there's still a lot of strategy and planning upfront to do before executing a mobile marketing campaign. More importantly, just because something can be done through mobile marketing doesn't mean it's the best strategy for your campaign. Strategic planning should be one of your first steps before executing any major campaign. Define and research your potential target audience and reflect on any past marketing attempts to see what worked and what needs improvement. Consider what the overall goals and objectives of this campaign are.


Since it is easy to become too concerned about the specific details in the content, you need some way to remain focused on the bigger picture. These basic steps will help keep your mobile marketing campaign on track from the very start.


Mistake #3: Not Optimizing Content

Displaying content on mobile devices presents a few unique challenges in terms of overall design and execution. With smaller screens, you have to make sure any visual content, including text and graphics, is easily viewable. Static marketing through website and social media needs to be optimized in order to work with a variety of devices regardless of the specific size or device capabilities.

The optimized content means someone, who is usually skilled, has taken the time to design marketing content that will look good on smaller devices. Sometimes, this also means creating interactive content that utilizes the unique capabilities of smart devices. For example, this type of marketing may use things like apps, accelerometers, GPS location information and more to engage customers in unique ways. If your content is not optimized, the target audience will likely ignore it altogether. If this happens, your marketing campaign will suffer a great deal.



optimized content



Mistake #4: Complicating the Message

With mobile marketing, just like any other form of advertising, one of the key aspects here is simplicity. The overall message, the idea that should be the most persuasive, needs to be comprehended clearly. This can be difficult if you get too bogged down in the complex possibilities mobile marketing has to offer. For example, many large companies make the mistake of creating branded apps that try to do everything. The main point of a company app should be to converting and keeping customers. Marketing messages need to be simple and straightforward so they aren't missed or ignored by the users. If an app is too complex in features, design or unnecessary additions like pointless games that don't relate to the brand, the overall effectiveness of the app will be diminished.


Mistake #5: Not Enhancing Mobile Experience

Marketing: it be traditional and digital, doesn't always have to be about the direct sales pitch. Sometimes, it can be enough to offer more convenience or value from a product or service. This indirect approach can make the shopping experience for each customer better, making them more likely to continue to be loyal in the future. For mobile marketing, some businesses forget about the unique shopping experience smart devices offer.

Despite the popularity of online shopping, many people still prefer to do their shopping in physical stores. This allows them to view and interact with the products in a more meaningful way than just reading text and seeing pictures. Since the Internet has a wealth of information for promotions, deals, user reviews and more, the majority of shoppers will still take their smartphone with them, even when shopping in a traditional manner. This is an opportunity for a mobile marketing campaign.


Getting Mobile Marketing Right

Despite the new, unique opportunities mobile marketing has to offer, the task of creating a successful campaign is very similar to other forms of advertising. You have to take the initial steps, including research and planning, ahead of time to get yourself on the right track. Evaluate all of your marketing channels to see what you need to optimize and change ahead of time. Most importantly, continue to assess and change your marketing campaign as it goes along. Whether you are focusing solely on mobile marketing or integrating other platforms, you always need to adapt to unexpected changes and outcomes.

If you manage to avoid these common mistakes and stay on track with your own mobile marketing campaign, you'll increase your chance of a long and successful advertising future.