How to Make Your Website Look Attractive

If your website isn’t drawing in new customers and catching their attention long enough to turn their visit into a profitable action, you’re missing out. By implementing the following tips, your entire site can be more interesting and lucrative in the long run.

Is your website working for you? If your website isn’t drawing in new customers and catching their attention long enough to turn their visit into a profitable action, you’re missing out. Most websites only have a conversion rate of 2.35 percent. Top performing websites only have an average conversion rate of 5.3 percent. Ideally, experts recommend reaching a conversion rate of over 10 percent to really make an impact. When your website isn’t bringing in the numbers that you need, it’s time to consider a revamp.

Luckily, redesigning your site doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With Ucraft’s website builder, it’s easy to create an attention-grabbing page that will keep people interested. By implementing the following tips, your entire site can be more interesting and lucrative in the long run.

Encourage Exploration

What’s located on your home page? If it’s overdone with text, graphics, and buttons, your visitors may feel overwhelmed when visiting. It’s difficult to know how to navigate a website when you’re bombarded with options. Instead of laying it all out on your homepage, create a page that fosters exploration.

A simple, sleek homepage with a menu that allows for page hopping is exactly what you want. While you may be tempted to unleash all of the information that you deem most important for your site visitors, trust that they’ll be captivated by your attractive design. Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to websites.

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Boost Your Brand Recognition

Is your logo adequately placed on your website? It is basically the face of your company: the first thing people will remember when they think of your company. First off, make sure that you have a logo that is easy to digest and not too complicated. It should represent the ideals and mission of your company. If you wish to convey a sense of professionalism, the font and typography used in your logo should represent that. Once you’ve mastered its design, put it to good use.

If you’re struggling to create an innovative site, use your logo as inspiration. Use the same sort of feelings that are behind your brand recognizer, the logo, to make a website that matches. Don’t forget to add your logo throughout your pages. Remember, that it should be used to strengthen your site through visual identification. When placed strategically, it will act as a powerhouse, reminding your site visitors who you are and what the mission of your company is.

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Create a Multi-Dimensional Experience

While an innovative design may be enough to capture the attention of your audience for a short time, the additional content on your site is what will lead to higher conversion rates and brand recognition. A video that is well produced and that tells a story is a great addition to any company’s site. It allows you to explain the mission of your business with pictures, music, and words. A more immersive experience will leave its mark with site visitors.

Making this sort of emotional connection through an audio-visual presentation with your viewers is exactly what you need to make your site more attractive.

Add a Personal Touch

Even the most professional companies add a little bit of personality to their sites. They want their customers to know what makes them tick. It’s important that site visitors understand who you are and what drives you. While it doesn’t need to be on your first page, make sure that there is company background information available. Whether you choose to include a brief biography on the staff members you employ or you prefer a more blanketed history of your business, your viewers want to share in the passion that you feel for your company.

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Make Things Move

To add an even more innovative touch to your site, consider rotating graphics and pictures. While your site doesn’t have to be incredibly interactive, photos or stories that rotate through periodically keep things interesting. As was mentioned above, don’t overdo it. Multiple rotating graphics may be too much for one page. Instead, keep the movement to a few pages only and time the rotations right. You want your site viewers to be able to observe and reflect on each new display as it appears.

Don’t let the thought of creating a new site overwhelm you. With the help of Ucraft, it’s easy to make a website. Our innovative tools can be used to create a variety of different types of sites. Whether you’re looking for something fun and playful or a site that is professional and powerful, our website builder is simple to use and easy to modify. Don’t let your website hold you back. Increase your business by breathing new life into your site.

If you already have a website use these tips to make it more attractive for your visitors. And if you don't, now is the time to craft your company's website with Ucraft.


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