How to Keep Viewers On Your Page Longer

Written by  Lina Abascal and Gog Zalibekyan / 06 November 2015
How to Keep Viewers On Your Page Longer
Congratulations! Someone is on your website. There are so many corners of the internet for people to get distracted in, but they’ve made it to your page.
So now what? Your goal of course is for a viewer to stumble upon your website for a few seconds and get the gist of your message, who you are and what you do. But what about once your viewer is 15 seconds or so into your page and is making the ever critical decision of whether or not they want to stay. Well this is where your drop rate begins to happen  and when you lose potential customers, readers, or leads.
Keep those eyes on your page! And increase the time they’re spending there. We’re wrapped up a few tips on how to keep viewers on your page longer. After all, you’ve got so much awesome content (we hope!) that deserves to be seen.
Have a Pleasant Design
Crazy backgrounds, too much color, hard to read text, and other design faux paws will have your viewers exiting out of your site sooner than later. Focus on a well designed site that is easy to navigate, clear, and legible to keep your message the center of viewers attention and prompt them to  continue reading, clicking, and going down the path you’ve paved in your UX.

Utilize Multimedia
It’s no secret, nowadays people aren’t the biggest readers. So why not give them options like photos, galleries, quizzes, and embedded videos spliced between your copy. These line breaks not only make reading a page seem to go by quicker, but also allows you to engage your audience through multiple mediums. Different types of media resonate with different people, so being diverse with your offerings helps ensure you entertain a wide range of audiences.

Make Sure Your Website is Fast
It isn’t all about the content or design, sometimes keeping visitors on your website is a simple as making sure your website is fast. If pages, photos, or videos, are not loading fast enough, you’ve almost invited your visitors to turn away. Make sure to make this quick fix and keep even the most impatient viewers scrolling through your site for more.
Drive Readers To Your Other Relevant Content
While your visitors are reading your content, why not provide them with targeted content to keep them on your site longer? Use links within your copy or suggested posts on your sidebar or footer to show your reader what other content they may enjoy. These curated suggestions help remind your reader that you cater to their interests, show your range of content, and show your longevity and credibility.
Structure Your Text So It’s Easy To Read
Sad but true, people get intimidated by a long read. Break up your text with line breaks, images, embedded video, or design features that make even longer sections easy to read and remember. Before your viewer realizes it, they will have scrolled down pages and pages, increasing your average session duration.

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